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11 Jan 2017
12:39davehuntwhimboo: how do I associate myself with our FOSDEM event?
12:41whimboodavehunt: hm i asked francesco to do that. did he reply to my question? cannot remember
12:46davehuntIt looks like it's associated with something, but not my account
12:47whimboodavehunt: so you created a new account?
12:47davehuntYeah, I didn't have details for whatever I may have used 4 years ago
12:47whimbook, so this will be the issue then
12:47whimbooplease talk to francesco so that he can update
12:48davehuntdo you know his IRC nick?
12:48whimbooi dont think tha tI can do it
12:48whimboolet me see
12:48whimbooyeah, i don't see anything
12:51davehuntah, FrancJP
12:59davehuntwhimboo: the reason I asked is that we should add links to the abstract
13:00whimboodavehunt: you mean from blog posts or where?
13:00davehuntwhimboo: can you do that? for Selenium and WebDriver specification
13:00davehuntalso, perhaps we should name FoxPuppet and link to the repo too
13:00whimbooah, i see
13:01whimbooi could do this later
13:01davehuntthanks.. I've emailed Fransisco, so if I get access I can do it
15:59whimboostandups: close window patch has been landed. also some other patches to get a greener test run for Fennec. Now I will check what's wrong with bug 1330321.
15:59standupsOk, submitted #41082 for
15:59firebot NEW, Chunking of tests seem to be broken (some tests are not executed)
16:00AutomatedTester maja_zf whimboo be there in a sec :)
16:02davehuntwhimboo: I've added links to
16:10whimboodavehunt: oh, thanks. sorry i wasn't able to do it until now
16:11whimboosome crazy stuff with Marionette
16:33davehuntwhimboo: no problem
17:58maja_zfbbl, need a break from slouching
12 Jan 2017
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