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11 Aug 2017
08:27whimboostandups: bad start of the day when upgrading mercurial and it busts your work environment
08:27standupsOk, submitted #49439 for
13:54whimboomaja_zf: hi. we have to move our chitchat a bit
13:54whimbooi have to take care of my little one the next 3h
13:56maja_zfwhimboo: we may have to skip it then, because I have a half-day of PTO today
13:57maja_zfping me whenever you're ready in a few hours. If I'm there, we'll chat, otherwise, skip
13:58whimboomaja_zf: or now
13:58maja_zfwhimboo: wpt-sync meeting is starting now, sorry :(
13:58whimboostill have about 15min
13:58whimbook, so lets skip it then if i'm not back before you leave
13:58whimbooin that case enjoy your weekend
13:59maja_zfwhimboo: you too. thanks for the pics!
16:21whimboomaja_zf: i'm back earlier than I thought. so if we wanna do the chat
16:22maja_zfwhimboo: cool, let's do it
16:25maja_zfi didn't do anything
16:25maja_zfwhimboo: you give your updates then
16:26maja_zfi'll ask on IRC
17:00whimboostandups: it's the last day when we run the firefox-ui-update tests in mozmill-ci. On Monday mozmill-ci will be shutdown forever.
17:00standupsOk, submitted #49450 for
12 Aug 2017
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