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10 Aug 2017
07:35whimboostandups: did a bug triage of Mozilla QA : Infrastructure to prepare shutting down Mozmill-CI
07:35standupsOk, submitted #49389 for
08:59tarekwhimboo: hey
09:01whimbootarek: hey!
09:01whimboohave to head out in a bit
09:04tarekwhimboo: I guess I'll ping you later. I wanted to pick your brain on some automation :)
09:05whimbootarek: k, should be back in about 2-3h
09:06tarekno prb
11:54whimbootarek: hey. I'm back now
13:25tarekwhimboo: oops sorry, forgot to ping you back :) I was wondering if you had any experience in handling big files in Firfox automation.
13:26tarekI am playing with a "huge profile" zip I am feeding to talos and I am wondering what's the best strategy there
13:26tarekthe unzipped profile is half a gig :)
13:27tarekmy current thinking is to keep it in a local cache and update it from S3 incrementaly
13:27tarekmaybe something similar was already done ?
13:29whimbooui, that's indeed huge
13:30tarekit takes 15 seconds just to clone it so things are timing out unless I hack mozprofile a bit
13:32whimbooso how large is it when it is packed?
13:33tarekanother option is to use it from the network
13:33whimbooso talos is not run via tc yet, or?
13:33tarekwhat is "tc" ?
13:33tarekit is
13:34whimbook, so there is some caching strategy jobs are using
13:34whimboonot sure how this works across platforms
13:34* tarek nods
13:34tarekdo you have a link or a name of such a job so I dig in there?
13:35whimbootarek: you can ask dustin. he knows more about it
13:35tarekdo you know his IRC nick?
13:35whimboodustin :)
13:35tarek(from memory I can think of 2 or 3 of them)
13:35tarekhaha ok
13:36tarekthanks man!
13:36tarekhow's the running?
13:36whimboojust join #taskcluster
13:36whimbootarek: next one today evenign with my group
13:36whimbooalready planned it out. nice route again
13:36whimboohope its not getting dark that early again
13:36tarekhere it's great because the temperature dropped below 20
13:36whimboolast week we had to use the light from my mobile phone to escape the woods
13:37tarekoh wow sounds cool
13:37tarekI did a moon run the other day
13:37tarekduring the eclipse
13:37tarekthe moon was huge and red
13:37whimboootherwise... only once a week I have the chance to get out for running :/
13:37* tarek nods
13:37tarekbut then it was cloudy so.. meh
13:37whimbooi most likely wont reach my 12k elevation goal this year
13:38tarekI probably do that just because I live in hills
13:39whimboobut i'm not that far off ... 6.3k right now
13:39whimbooso still a chance actually
13:39whimboomaybe have to do more stair runs to keep up
13:40tarekI think I do around 3-4k elevation per month
13:40whimbooi wish i would have such a great surrounding like you
13:40tarekbecause as soon as I am outside I am forced to elevate at least 200+
13:41tarekwell it's great but when I have to do interval runs I need to drive to another area, which sucks :(
13:42whimbootarek: i do my intervals uphill :) its more challenging
13:43whimbooby doing loops
13:43whimboomy favorite 400m in distance have around 90m elevation
13:44tarekuphill intervals are dope. but sometimes I need to assess my different paces
13:44whimboooh, wait.. 600m
13:45tarekthat's quite steep
13:45tareknot the coit tower though :)
13:46whimboowell, therefore I have
13:46tarekholy crap
13:47* tarek wants to try a 1k elevation run
13:47whimboopeople do a 2x marathon there
13:47whimboowhich means 8848m elevation
13:47whimboorecord is at 160 loops
13:48whimboowith 100 you have the 2x
13:48tarekalright I should get back at it. thanks for chatting ! ttyl
13:48whimbooheh. do thta
13:48whimbooi have to pick up my little boy now
13:48whimboosee you
11 Aug 2017
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