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17 Jan 2017
10:07travis-cimozilla/mozmill-ci#1021 (master - c941166 : Henrik Skupin): The build passed.
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14:58whimboomaja_zf: good day
14:58whimbooi have a question. would you mind to review my patch for tab handling in fennec?
14:58whimbooor should I ask ato
14:58maja_zfwhimboo: link?
14:59whimbooit's not up yet
15:00whimboolet me finish it and do a try run
15:00whimboothen I can give you the url
15:01maja_zfwhimboo: you can also flag me *and* ato. I'll clear my review if there are bits I'm not sure about
15:01whimbook, we can do it that way too
15:24whimboomaja_zf: i feel that I add a third time skip decorators for fennec to test_screenshot :(
15:24whimboonot sure why the most of the chrome related methods are not skipped yet
15:29maja_zfstandups: back to the emoji saga: \U0001F60D turns into \uD83D\uDE0D, which turns into a keypress for \uD83D and a keypress for \uDE0D and marionette maybe JSON.stringifies the execute_script return value so we get \ufffd and \ufffd at the local end
15:29standupsOk, submitted #41277 for
15:30maja_zfSo I have an idea for fixing that, yay.
15:31maja_zfwhimboo: bad rebases or merges?
15:31whimbooi dont think so
15:31whimbooi landed it a week ago or so
15:32whimboonot sure
15:32whimbooi will add an additional commit to the series
15:32whimboowhich skips some more
15:32whimbooas noticed while workign on window handled
15:32maja_zfwhimboo: actually it's because I secretly run around undoing all your work right after it lands :P
15:33whimbooyou wanna keep me busy?
15:33whimbooi feel like a hamster
15:34whimbooat least theh patch seems to be ready for try now
15:34whimbooso no more dependencies to other bugs
15:34whimbooi can roll up all, fennec tab hanlding, switch to window without focus, valid window check
16:38davehuntmaja_zf: are you still okay for the automation engineering meeting tomorrow?
16:40maja_zfdavehunt: sure, as long as you're ok with rough overview of wdspec tests and no slide show or anything fancy :)
16:41davehuntmaja_zf: sounds perfect :)
17 Jan 2017
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