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8 Jan 2017
06:36markhIn bug 1324900, fubar kindly reset the elm twig for me. A few of us are going to collaborate on it, so setting it as a "non-publishing" repo sounds like the right thing to do. How should I go about making that happen? Another bug? Ask nicely? ;)
06:36bugbotBug Mercurial:, normal, klibby, RESOLVED FIXED, Requesting twig repo elm be reset
11:32mikelingjmaher|afk: ping
11:44jmaher|afkmikeling: pong
11:45mikelingjmaher|afk: hey! How are you doing?
11:46jmaher|afkmikeling: doing great, how are you?
11:47mikelingHad you talk with ahal about how to work with the worker.js?
11:48jmaher|afkI haven't, he has been a bit sick lately, I assume this next week our schedules will match up better
11:49mikelingjmaher|afk: I'm doing well, I finally got time to work with test-informat rather than those boring paper ;)
11:49jmaher|afklife is always a balance
11:50mikelingjmaher|afk: I'm sorry to hear that, I hope he could recover
11:50jmaher|afkyeah, he should be fine
11:56smerfthi guys
11:56jmaher|afkmikeling: what papers were you writing?
11:56smerftmarionette python driver, calling client.close()
11:56smerftdoesn't close the last tab, what's up with that?
11:59mikelingjmaher|afk: It's about Link predication, how to use deep belief networks to learn and predicate how network topology changing.
11:59jmaher|afkmikeling: that sounds interesting :)
12:11mikelingjmaher|afk: yeah
12:12jmaher|afkmikeling: do you have other papers to write?
12:15mikelingjmaher|afk: no, so I think I could focus on Stockwell or other project in here
13:18jmaher|afkmikeling: sorry, family woke up and went afk for a bit- I will send some details on stockwell, but test-informant is a great place to start
9 Jan 2017
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