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19 May 2017
09:51emorleywlach|afk: makes me wonder if they've tried adapting eideticker or not, seems they're tabulating manually:
11:09davehuntAutomatedTester: I really didn't get that guy's point (re: Chrome has that feature already)
13:27wlach|afkemorley: yeah I chatted with bsmedberg about eideticker a bit; I suspect they wanted something quick & dirty for quantum as opposed to bringing up a full automation solution
13:28emorleywlach: so long as there was some discussion - would be annoying to find out after they recreated something new! :-)
13:29wlachemorley: yeah I don't know how useful eideticker would be for the desktop case; it's pretty mobile-centric. may be better just to reuse ideas/concepts from it, as the hasal team did
13:30wlachemorley: how's treeherder going these days?
13:56emorleygood thank you - just more to the Neutrino followup than first appeared, and now having to do some OrangeFactor bits (bug 1365662, bug 1356410) which are making me want to claw my eyes out from how much technical debt there is there
13:56bugbotBug is not accessible.
13:56bugbotBug is not accessible.
13:59wlachemorley: oh that sucks :(
14:01wlachemorley: i wonder how much work it would be to just reproduce of (with no new functionality) inside treeherder
14:02emorleythat's the plan
14:03emorleyjust not immediately :-)
14:52AutomatedTesterdavehunt: meh... I am so passed the point of caring when people point that out
14:52AutomatedTesterdavehunt: you've seen the type of messages I get from "users"
14:53AutomatedTesterthat is tame and shrug-worthy at best
15:03davehuntAutomatedTester: yeah, I guess some people just want to be involved..
15:03davehuntAutomatedTester: do you have any details on the Alloy project you mentioned in your email?
15:03davehuntas glob pointed out, it's a cool name at least :)
15:04AutomatedTesterdavehunt: it was a project that I thought glob was working on
15:04davehuntah, okay
15:04AutomatedTesterit was part of the servo<->m-c sync stuff
15:04AutomatedTesterdavehunt: maja_zf|afk and jgraham are working on syncing WPT stuff
15:05AutomatedTesterI appreciate there might be differences in requirements but there are more than likely large parts of code we can share
15:05davehuntand when you were talking of potential duplication of effort, did that include running projects like TestPilot experiments against Firefox CI, or just the syncing part?
15:06AutomatedTesterdavehunt: when you mean Firefox CI, do you mean TC/BB stuff or something else? I just want to check before answering
15:06davehuntyes, TC/BB..
15:06davehuntthough I would go out on a limb and say just TC
15:07AutomatedTesterfor WPT, we need to see a new PR on Github, run against try, take results change expected outcomes, run against try again and then land
15:07AutomatedTesterall while reporting to a bug and PR
15:08davehuntAutomatedTester: right, and just running WPT tests, or the &#39;full&#39; suite (mochtest, talos, etc)
15:11AutomatedTesterdavehunt: just WPT (for capacity reasons and thats all we care about). Its easy to add the other jobs if we needed (and thats were people&#39;s requirements normally diverge)
15:12davehuntAutomatedTester: k, so there are certainly parts we can reuse (I&#39;m guessing wpt will already be planning to use gps vcs-sync or parts of it anyway)
15:13davehuntgreat.. thanks for joining the discussion.. I&#39;m currently learning more about TaskCluster
15:13AutomatedTesterdavehunt: feel free to reach out to jgraham and maja_zf|afk when you&#39;re ready to discuss syncing
15:13davehuntah, I even feel like that can wait a while.. it sounds like I can experiment entirely through try
15:14AutomatedTesterdavehunt: thats mostly where we are working so if you need help just yell :)
15:14davehuntAutomatedTester: I appreciate that, thanks!
15:14AutomatedTesterI say we but I am more of a PM :D
15:20jmaherAutomatedTester: have there been reports of using Marionette and tests not working? I have been havingtrouble getting some talos tests to work only when initializing the profile with marionette (all I do is connect and close the browser), in fact the specific tests fail in the next browser session where no -marionette cli is used
15:23AutomatedTesterjmaher: no
15:23jmaherAutomatedTester: I looked at the profile with/without marionette- marionette sets a bunch of preferences; I tried setting those preferences but that didn&#39;t cause the tests to fail
15:24jmaherAutomatedTester: where should I file a bug; this is sort of blocking me and I have spent 2 days hacking on this with no success
15:24AutomatedTesterjmaher: raise a marionette bug with a code example
15:25jmaherAutomatedTester: I don&#39;t hvae a code example
15:25jmaherit is a large talos test
15:25AutomatedTesteris this a new talos test?
15:25jmaheran existing one
15:25jmaherthat has run for 3+ years on all platform successfully
15:26AutomatedTesterwe have tests that start the browser and stop and its all good
15:26jmaherAutomatedTester: this is relatd to a P0 work item and I assumed I could figure it out with a couple days of hacking
15:26jmaherso right now I see marionette as blocking this work item :(
15:27AutomatedTesterjmaher: raise an issue but most marionette folk are about finished for the day
15:27AutomatedTesterjmaher: have you bisected for when this started failing?
15:27jmaherno, I just assumed marionette was marionette..didn&#39;t think about that
15:28jmaherI have never used marionette in talos before, this is a new use case to install web extensions
15:28AutomatedTesterjmaher: marionette is core to mochitest/Mn/RefTests/WPT
15:28AutomatedTesterif it wasnt working we would have definitely heard about it by now
15:29AutomatedTesterthere must be something different about your case
15:29jmaherAutomatedTester: well for mochitest/reftest I know we don&#39;t restart the browser
15:30AutomatedTesterjmaher: oh... I wonder if it is kinda like
15:30bugbotBug 1361837: Marionette, normal, hskupin, RESOLVED FIXED, Don&#39;t use for restart unit tests, and temporarily skip all in_app restart tests.
15:31AutomatedTesterjmaher: which is fallout from bug 1054740
15:31bugbotBug Session Restore, normal, dao+bmo, RESOLVED FIXED, When restoring a session, &quot;about:home&quot; is displayed in the selected tab before the tab is restored
15:32jmaherAutomatedTester: that could be- I have been working to narrow this down for a while
15:32jmaherat least what specific api call is failing
15:33AutomatedTesterjmaher: whimboo and ato are looking into a proper fix for this but its not trivial
15:33jmaherit seems to be that I run into errors when setting about:blank
15:34jmaherbut I am not using marionette which is odd; marionette is only used to connect and close the browser; then the next launch of the browser is without marionette
15:34AutomatedTesterhmmm... that is odd
15:34jmaherso something in the profile is different; or maybe there is something else like pending crash reports, etc.
15:36jmaherthere is one possibility that I could not use marionette for these couple tests since they are not tier-1 for this test pass
15:43whimboojmaher: code would be appreciated!
15:43whimbooi would have to replicate it in some way
15:44jmaherwhimboo: let me get a bug filed, maybe there are more ideas people have; it can easily be run via |./mach talos-test -a tart| as long as you have a patch to make it use Marionette
15:45whimbook, sounds good
15:46whimboojmaher: you only tried on windows?
15:46whimbooor also other platforms
15:48jmaherwhimboo: linux/windows fails; but osx works
15:48whimbook, so i would need a linux env
15:49jmaherI am open to ideas on debugging
16:02whimbooato, AutomatedTester: backporting click+pageload is easy
16:02AutomatedTesterwhimboo: brilliant
16:02atowhimboo: I requested uplift of the bug that was blocking you.
16:03whimbooi have seen
16:03atoI consider that a very low risk for uplift.
16:03whimbooonce landed I will also check the page load strategy
16:03atoThats a good candidate I think.
16:15whimbooato: this is the most suspicious line evar!
16:15whimboooh wait
16:16whimbooits not suspicious
16:16whimboolooks we have to get the new test backed out
16:19whimbooRyanVM: could you help in backing out the patch on bug 1298803?
16:19bugbotBug Firefox UI Tests, normal, sanyam.khurana01, RESOLVED FIXED, Add test to quit Firefox via a shortcut
16:19atowhimboo: I dont have the context for this, but that seems to originate from the client?
16:20atowhimboo: If you scroll down, you can see that future connection attempts are correctly being dropped.
16:20whimbooyeah, the shortcut doesn quit firefox
16:20atoOh right.
16:20whimbooand as such we hang
16:20whimbooso the test is wrong
16:20whimbooRyanVM: thanks
16:21RyanVM&quot;for causing Windows hangs&quot; ?
16:21whimbooMarionette hangs
16:22whimboowe cut the branch beneath us ourselves
16:22RyanVMWindows Marionette hangs, got it
16:23whimboojmaher: interesting
16:24whimboosame connection issues on our windows boxes since recently
16:25jmaherwhimboo: that isn&#39;t related to my issue from a bit earlier; but that looks like the failure messages we see in much of our automation
16:25atowhimboo: Note the timestamps in that log. Only two seconds.
16:25atoSo were not actually hitting the timeout.
16:26whimboo07:56:17 INFO - 1495205777486 Marionette INFO Listening on port 2828
16:27whimbooso Marioentte started the socket server even
16:27whimbooato: its the startup timeout
16:27whimbooof 120s
16:27whimboonot sure where you see the 2s
16:29atoFrom :1009 and :1012.
16:30whimboo07:56:17 -> 07:58:20 = ~120s
16:31RyanVMwhimboo: is a c-n-beta coming on bug 1335778?
16:31bugbotBug Marionette, major, hskupin, RESOLVED FIXED, Make element#click command check for page load and wait
16:31whimbooRyanVM: what means c-n?
16:31RyanVMfine, take away my laziness :P
16:32whimbooare you on uplifts?
16:32RyanVMok, i&#39;m going to queue up some things to push soon
16:32whimbook, so I will set it right now
16:32RyanVMglad jcristau was able to help on your esr52 question
16:32* RyanVM is slowly catching up on email backlog
16:33whimboomaybe we should land those critical update test fixes also on relbranches
16:33whimbooof SV has to live with those failures
16:33RyanVMyeah, that&#39;s certainly a possibility - I can land it today so we&#39;ll at least have it in place for any future 52.1.x dot releases
16:33whimbooif you can that would be fantastic
16:33RyanVMthrow a checkin-needed on it and I can do that
16:34whimboohow is that named?
16:34RyanVMesr52 is fine
16:38RyanVMwhimboo: will that be OK to land DONTBUILD?
16:39whimbooRyanVM: the update test one? yes
16:39whimboonothing we can test anyway
16:39whimboothe code only runs for real updates
16:39RyanVMperfect thanks
18:13whimboobah, releng bug cleanup day. I&#39;m not able to empty my inbox today
19:27AutomatedTesterbdahl: thanks for taking the accessibility bug <3
19:31whimbooato: your robot icon is too cool
19:32whimboowe should make it lesser maybe
19:34whimbooAutomatedTester: click+page load on beta all green
19:34whimbooso early next week it will be in the next beta release
19:35whimboolet me see about the strategy before I head out
19:36AutomatedTesterwhimboo: shame about the animation of the robot causing failures
19:37whimbooyeah :/
19:37AutomatedTesterwhimboo: the feedback is people love the animation
19:38whimbooso we have to fix the test then maybe
19:38whimbooquestion is when it blinks
19:38whimbooafter a page load
19:38whimbooor whatever
19:38AutomatedTesterif we can fix the test that would be my preference. I wonder if we can have a wait or something in there
19:39whimboowait until flickered
19:39AutomatedTesteror have a pref that turns it off...
19:40whimboois that possible?
19:40whimbooisn&#39;t it in the png itself?
19:41AutomatedTesterI have forgotten... lemme look
19:48AutomatedTesterguessing not
19:55whimbooAutomatedTester: i will also request uplift for page load strategy. only a small change
20:49bdahlAutomatedTester: no problem. looks like i&#39;m able to reproduce locally pretty often now, though not in debug builds
23:01atogps: Finally Im online when you are (-; Thanks for landing the changes on autoland.
23:04gpsato: sorry it took so long :(
23:04atogps: No worries. (-:
23:05atoIve been busy with a rewrite of the way Marionette tracks <xul:browser>s in the mean time.
23:05atoI will rebase my patches to actually build geckoriver in tree on Monday.
20 May 2017
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