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18 Apr 2017
10:13emorleyjmaher: AutomatedTester
10:14jmaheremorley: oh cool
10:17jmahergbrown: ^
10:51whimbooAryx: hi. shouldn't this bug remain open? bug 1318724
10:51bugbotBug web-platform-tests, normal, james, RESOLVED FIXED, Webdriver tests unstable on Linux64 debug
11:11Aryxwhimboo: thanks, reopened
12:05atoAutomatedTester: r?
12:11whimboohm, dont we no longer show the commit messages and its chagnes in mozreview?
12:12whimboolooks like this is in preview mode
12:22whimbooato: hez
12:22whimboowhat's exactly wrong with
12:22bugbotBug 1335778: Marionette, major, hskupin, ASSIGNED , Make element#click command check for page load and wait
12:22whimboomaybe I don't spot it
12:23whimboos/that/too/ ?
12:24atoThe language is a bit heavy.
12:24atoI can suggest something.
12:38whimbooato: thanks
12:39atowhimboo: No, thank you (-: The patches are great.
12:39whimbooato: i hope so, and that the community will also love it. going to push and remvoe the debug patch
12:39whimbooato: i wonder if we should dump page load events for tracing output
12:40whimbooit would massively help in debugging issues
12:40atoIs it starting to become a pattern from Googles side:
12:41atoGoogle Chrome is required to run the new Google Earth.
12:41whimboo"We are done with web compat"
12:41atowhimboo: Sure, that seems reasonable. Might make sense to write it to debug.
12:41atoI wanted to do that for action sequences as well.
12:42whimbooato: k, so I will do the changes and ask you again for r? then
12:42atoSounds good!
12:43facemaja_zf, \o
12:44whimboomaja_zf: hello! welcome back
12:44atoDzie dobry!
12:46maja_zfthanks, cze :)
12:56maja_zfhi jgraham -- i'm just catching up with bugmail and curious about the status of this backout: -- any idea what the cause is?
13:24whimbooato: so do I have to use logger.debug() in listener.js? Looks like lots of lines don't make it to the console
13:24whimbooalso contentLog seems to buffer
13:24whimbooend outputs all at the end
13:24whimbooboth are not that satisfying
13:25atocontentLog is meant for simletest.
13:25atoWeve had issues in the past that calls to logger.* didnt come through from listener.js.
13:25atoMaybe its back again.
13:26whimbooato: should I delay the patch to a follow up?
13:26whimbooi would prefer so
13:26whimboothat way we could investigate the issue
13:27whimbooor I just add the logger.debug() lines
13:27whimbooand we figure out the rest later
13:27whimboowill also work
13:27atoConfirmed that logger.debug doesnt work from listener.js here.
13:27whimbooat least that way we have a bit in our hands for investigation
13:27atoIm fine with that too.
13:27atoWhatever you decide.
13:27whimbooit works but sometimes now
13:28whimboolet me file a follow up for that later
13:28atoI thought this had fixed itself )-:
13:29atoInterestingly dump() works, so maybe some incorrect setup.
13:29whimboothats why I may have always used dump in teh past
13:30atoYes, Ive gotten to used to using dump() too, partly because it was known to be faulty in the past and partly because logger isnt always available.
13:42jgrahammaja_zf: I haven't investigated closely because I'm right in the middle of something else and want to retain context before I start trying to spin up Windows VMs
13:42jgrahamSomething utterly terible I"m sure
13:55atowhimboo: This is the intermittent Im seeing locally on Linux:
13:55bugbotBug 1294075: Marionette, normal, nobody, NEW , Intermittent TestAccessibility.test_element_is_not_enabled_to_accessbility | AssertionError: ElementNotAccessibleException not raised
13:55atowhimboo: Seems like it spiked somewhere around 5 April.
14:34atowhimboo: What do you make of
14:34atowhimboo: These are different intermittents than earlier, right?
14:35whimboothe crashes? yes, I believe so
15:01mikelingcalixte: ping
15:13whimbooato: sorry, but two of the reviews I had to forward to appropriate people
15:13whimboofor the unload handler it makes sense for maja_zf|bbl to review given that she reviewed all the others
16:07whimbooted: hi. maybe you can give a quick reply to bug 958475?
16:07bugbotBug Mozbase, normal, hskupin, ASSIGNED , [mozrunner] Add support for --debugger=lldb
17:22atojgraham: Can you make releases of rust_mozrunner and rust_mozprofile when you have a moment? Particularly the first one is important so that we dont pass "-marionette -marionette".
17:24jgrahamato: Sure, jsut fixing some stuff
17:24atoYeah, no hurry.
17:41armenzgyou can use it for listing buildbot differences
17:44jgrahamato: Made patch releases of both
17:45rwoodarmenzg: cool
18:19jmaherKWierso: the OF today is really low- is it safe to assume the sheriffs are starring failures properly and caught up?
18:20jmaherI would like to think it really is this low, but that seems 1/2 of a what it should be (currently 3.25, I would think 7.5 would be a better choice)
18:20KWiersojmaher: I'm still catching up on bugmail for the day, haven't had a chance to look at trees much
18:21KWiersodunno how things went for
18:21jmaherok, I saw it go up earlier in the AM, but been dropping the last couple hours- I willassume there is a bit of catch up required
18:21jmaheryesterday was 6.82, Iwould expect something +- 1.0 from there
18:25jmaherKWierso: in other news, I should be landing a patch tomorrow with annotations for the browser/* directory- that will be almost all the remaining tests that need work
19 Apr 2017
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