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17 May 2017
10:21pmooreAutomatedTester: did you get an answer to your question yesterday?
10:51AutomatedTesterpmoore: I was told to wait for the new AMIs
10:52AutomatedTesterI am just about to trigger a new build on my try push
11:21davehuntworking on generating a report based on our test results in ActiveData:
11:21jgrahamdavehunt: Nice
11:21jgrahamIs the source somewhere?
11:21davehuntjgraham: not yet
11:22davehuntI'd like to get failures and pass rate data in, and clean up the styles a bit
11:23jgrahamdavehunt: Sure, would be interested when it's ready
11:24davehuntjgraham: great, and I'd appreciate feedback at that time too :)
12:50AutomatedTesterpmoore: hey, my build error still exists. see Win8 build, the 2nd B for Win8
12:53pmooreAutomatedTester: abort: obj-firefox/_tests/testing/mochitest/tests/dom/canvas/test/webgl-conf/checkout/conformance/ogles/GL/built_in_varying_array_out_of_bounds/built_in_varying_array_out_of_bounds_001_to_001.html cannot be removed ?
12:53pmoorei think the error i saw yesterday was related to publishing of taskcluster artifacts - i'm not sure what this one here is :/
12:58AutomatedTesterpmoore: whats the best way to solve this?
12:58AutomatedTesterI am happy to try autoland as my try
13:01pmooreAutomatedTester: i'm afraid i don't know much about the releng windows 8 environments - it might be best to check with the guys in #releng - sorry i can't help more
13:01AutomatedTesterpmoore: okey dokey
14:34davehuntekyle: with ActiveData, is there a way to aggregate the sum of a boolean value, where true==1 and false==0?
14:36ekyledavehunt: give me a moment, in meeting
14:36davehuntekyle: sure, np
14:40ekyleyou looked like you were listening intently
14:56ekyledavehunt: something like {"value":{"when":{"eq":{"my_variable":true}}, "then":1, "else":0}}
14:57ekyledavehunt: the "when" clause might be comparing to `true`, or maybe "T", or whatever value is actually in my_variable
14:58davehuntekyle: sweet!
14:59ekyledavehunt: it would be nice if you could simply switch on `my_variable, like {"value":{"when":"my_variable, "then":1, "else":0}} but this version of ES doe snot seem to see values as booleans, only text
14:59ekyledavehunt: there is an outreachy student that is working on that
14:59davehuntekyle: fyi this is what I have generated so far:
15:00ekyledavehunt: cool! be sure to mention what statistic you are using for the "duration"
15:01davehuntekyle: yeah, I'll be adding descriptions for each heading
15:02ekyledavehunt: what is the diff between slowest test and longest running test?
15:02davehuntekyle: longest running takes into account multiple executions of the test
15:02ekyledavehunt: ahhh!
15:02davehuntit's probably fairly useless, though it has shown we run one suite very frequently
15:03davehuntI'm working on adding most failing (total times each test failed) and lowest pass rate (percentage of fails for number of executions)
15:03davehuntthe latter will probably be the most actionable
15:41ekyledavehunt: cool! those 0%, how many runs?
15:43ekyledavehunt: plus, you can put the ajax request right into the page so it is always live, if you wish
15:49davehuntekyle: this is generated in Python, I'd need to rewrite it in JavaScript to make it live, right?
15:49ekyledavehunt: yes, or serve the python result somehow
15:50davehuntekyle: if it proves useful, I think we'd be rewriting it in JS.. I'm using Python as it's more familiar and easier to get something up
15:50ekyledavehunt: yes, python is awesome
16:33* AutomatedTester needs time away from computers...
16:58RyanVMIf I haven&#39;t said it recently, <3 mozregression so much
16:58RyanVMa truly fantastic tool
17:47b4handdavehunt: Ever install an addon with marionette?
17:48davehuntb4hand: yep, but you could mean several things
17:48davehuntdo you mean via the Firefox UI? If so, yes, using FoxPuppet/Selenium/GeckoDriver/Marionette
17:49b4handdavehunt: true. Well for my talos test I am installing an addon using marionette. I have the xpi with the manifest.json included. However I keep getting a ERROR_NETWORK_FAILURE. I don&#39;t really know what that means
17:49davehuntotherwise, it&#39;s also possible in Marionette to launch Firefox and install an addon directly
17:49davehuntI believe that GeckoDriver also now has extensions for this too, but I&#39;m not sure if the Selenium clients implement it
17:50davehuntnetwork failure is not necessarily related to having an addon installed
17:50davehuntthat suggests your attempting to access a resource where there in no route to that resource
17:50b4handThat was a thought
17:50b4handso the path is wrong
17:50b4handto the api
17:51davehuntperhaps, but I would need more context to help
17:51davehuntand unfortunately, I was just about to step away for the day
17:51b4handdavehunt: no worries. If anything I&#39;ll write you an email
17:51davehuntsure, or AutomatedTester or whimboo may be able to help
17:51camdjmaher: ping re: test group centric UI. Got a couple minutes?
17:52jmahercamd: heh, sure
17:52jmahervidyo or irc
17:53camdjmaher: vidyo would be great, Meet me in my room? :)
17:53jmahercamd: coming there now
18:49bkellyis there a reason whenever I try to download a .dmg from a try mac build it tells me the app is &quot;damaged&quot;?
18:50wlachbkelly: cause it&#39;s not signed
18:50bkellywlach: is there a way to run it anyway?
18:51bkellywlach: I may have found it
18:51wlachbkelly: I don&#39;t know more than that unfortunately :)
18:51bkellythere is a setting in System Preferences->Security->General
19:00jmaherAutomatedTester: is marionette_driver on the internal pypi? I was trying to install >=2.0.0
18 May 2017
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