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17 Apr 2017
12:50mikelingjmaher: ping
12:52jmahermikeling: pong
12:52jmaherhow are you?
13:37bcDo I have this right? Nightly is going to stay on 55 this week while Aurora is being dropped and Beta is moving to 54.
13:39jmaherbc: that is my understanding
15:04jmaherpyang_: hi
15:05jmaherpyang_: I recall you were interested in reftest run-by-dir
15:05jmaherpyang_: it is late for your timezone
15:05pyang_ya I'm looking at this
15:06jmaherpyang_: oh great; do let me know if you get stuck- I would like to help get this done this week if possible
15:06pyang_we have chunks for reftest in treeherder job
15:06* jmaher always has high expectations :)
15:06jmaherpyang_: yes- we run them in chunks on the total possible tests; we want to run each manifest by itself and we can chunk based on the number of manifests
15:07jmaherso the same number of jobs that we currently run, just run differently
15:07jmaherdoes that make sense?
15:08pyang_jmaher: it sounds good, but seems to have interface changes
15:08jmaheryes, there will be a lot of moving parts to make this work smoothly
15:09pyang_I read reftest module last week, it could be done in different layer
15:10pyang_jmaher: by last time we discussed I think you want to patch in javascript module?
15:10jmaherok; do share any ideas or concerns you have
15:11jmaherI think we can solve this in many ways; we could do it all in python with a small change to javascript module; or we could add very little to python and do most of the work in javascript
15:11pyang_ya and the schedule might be different
15:12pyang_I can do either way but it's a design decision
15:13jmaherpyang_: do you have ideas for either one?
15:13pyang_prefer in js but it might take more time
15:14jmaherin js we don't have to do as much manual parsing
15:15pyang_by python I think we can do it easily but we have bunch of those kinds of fixes
15:16pyang_I'm more used to python so I would estimate conservatively
15:16jmaherpyang_: I am leaning towards python in general- mostly because the browser will restart between each manifest; so when we finish one manifest and close down the browser- the python harness will know exactly what was run; if this was done in js only then we would need to figure out how to save the state between reboots
15:19pyang_umm I think python module doesn't have enough information returned to handle perfectly
15:20pyang_jmaher: I see your idea, will give poc on bug and we can discuss more detail then
15:28jmaherpyang_: sounds good, thanks for working on this
16:03jgrahamSurely most of the chunking has to by in python for that reason?
16:04jmaherjgraham: yeah, you could get creative, but it would keep things logical by doing it in python
18 Apr 2017
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