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16 May 2017
01:34philorhow would you tell whether a purported linux32 test run was actually linux32?
01:45philoroh, ffs, how could I forget that we run the same bloody tests twice, once in b-c and once in dt, and we don't keep the skip-ifs in sync?
01:46RyanVMis this bug 1358559?
01:46bugbotBug General, normal, nobody, NEW , Permaorange OOM in devtools browser_all_files_referenced.js on Linux32 opt when Gecko 55 merges to beta on 2017-06-12
01:49philorno, an intermittent on autoland
01:49RyanVMoh that's exciting
01:49RyanVMsorry for dropping the ball on that NI, btw
01:49philorpuzzled me, what with the whole way it was disabled on linux32 and failed on linux32, until I finally realized my log said devtools and my .ini said browser
01:49RyanVMi still get the nags for it :P
01:50philoryeah, I'll just disable the devtools clone with that bug number, and we'll be set
01:51RyanVMthanks, still need to figure out the whole symlinking bustage I hit trying to fix things the right way
01:51RyanVMbut I get the feeling that's a whole other rat's nest, hence the putting it off
01:52philorthere's a fair number of things about which I hope to be struck by lightning before I get back to them
01:53* philor looks back and forth between last week's 55-as-beta wpt bustage and the sky
01:53philormaybe tomorrow
09:13Tomcat|sheriffdutyjmaher|afk: ping
11:34AutomatedTesterato: my patch for checking for fullscreen has broken maximizeWindow and I dont even understand...
11:36AutomatedTesterand only on windows
11:37AutomatedTesterit like it is still fullscreen...
11:54atoAutomatedTester: Yeah, I saw that.
11:54atoAutomatedTester: Bad state?
11:54AutomatedTestermaybe... I have added more teardown code and pushed to try again
11:55atoI can help you look if that doesnt fix it.
11:55AutomatedTesterI will figure it out
11:55AutomatedTesterthe window is larger than availHeight/availWindow
11:55atoOh right, that can happen on Windows.
11:56AutomatedTesterbecause Windows?
11:56atoEven when the window is maximised, its left hand side coordinates are -8px.
11:56AutomatedTesterits more than -8px
11:56atoSo theres some weirdness to do with the Windows WM.
11:56AutomatedTesterits like -40px
11:56atoYes, but fullscreen could have different characteristics.
11:56atoI think maybe it would be expected.
11:56AutomatedTesteryea, which is why I think fullscreen is still there
11:56AutomatedTestermaybe... I will check with next try
11:57atoThis is why I coded the delta parameter when checking maximised windows.
11:57atoSo you can say on this OS its fine for the maximum size to be within a delta of n.
12:15atoThe number of different assertion styles in our test harness sucks.
12:18atoGijs: I had to make a tiny change to a test I broke in
12:23AutomatedTesterlunch then dentist appointment
12:25atoSounds expensive.
12:30whimbooato: i think I will skip the inapp restart tests for all platforms. even they don't seem to fail on windows yet, i don't want to have to push another skip patch again
12:32Gijsato: that's fine
13:59AutomatedTesterato: my addition to teardown code seems to have fixed it
13:59atoAutomatedTester: Thats great! Push when confident.
14:00AutomatedTesterjust checking on win8 quickly but win7 passed
14:02jmaherTomcat|sheriffduty: pong
14:03Tomcat|sheriffdutyjmaher: oh found the problem and fixed it :)
14:05jmaherTomcat|sheriffduty: ++
14:05Tomcat|sheriffdutyjmaher: turned out a perma failure was hiding behind a olde existing bug
14:06Tomcat|sheriffdutymaybe bug 1364373 helps with that in the future
14:06bugbotBug Treeherder, normal, nobody, NEW , Treeherder should inform about the day count of the specific intermittent failure
14:08jmaherTomcat|sheriffduty: ah
14:09Tomcat|sheriffdutyif there would be a indication in treeherder like this failed today 20 times, this would help to identify perma failure and faster also for high intermittent failures
14:09Tomcat|sheriffdutyi think
14:12jmaherall that information should be in treeherder, especially with autoclassification
14:12jmaherTomcat|sheriffduty: maybe a simple addon that pulls orangefactor data?
14:15Tomcat|sheriffdutyyeah or a simple integration of just the daily number count in treeherder from orangefactor
14:18jmahercamd: emorley ^ Tomcat|sheriffduty has a suggestion for the treeherder UI- maybe OF rewrite, maybe a simple feature for the test centric view, maybe easy to do now?
14:18Tomcat|sheriffdutyyeah maybe all for bug 1364373 :)
14:18bugbotBug Treeherder, normal, nobody, NEW , Treeherder should inform about the day count of the specific intermittent failure
14:19emorleyjmaher: yeah saw that bug a while ago, it requires OFv2 first
14:20jmaheremorley: yeah, I thought that would be the right bucket for it
14:28AutomatedTesterwow... nightly crashed epically
14:29AutomatedTesterand crash reporter didnt catch it
14:30AutomatedTesterted: I have the stack from OSX, anyway I can pass that to crashstats?
14:30jmaherAutomatedTester: yeah, I had to uninstall and reinstall- the upgrade failed miserably over the weekend and I lost my tabs, etc.
14:30AutomatedTesterjmaher: I started it up again fine
14:30jmaheryeah, I didn't have that luck
14:31AutomatedTesterand too much data for pastebin
14:31jmaherI bet
14:31AutomatedTesterand crashes Github Gist
14:32AutomatedTesterok... got it
15:06* AutomatedTester mutters about windows...
15:07AutomatedTesterTomcat|sheriffduty: I have a windows build issue that doesnt appear to be like the one mentioned in your email
15:07AutomatedTesterbut is definitely infra related
15:09Tomcat|sheriffdutyyes that seems different
15:09Tomcat|sheriffduty07:59:03 FATAL - TaskclusterRestFailure: EF7FLr6pTrixoS0rR60mnA does not correspond to a task that exists.
15:09Tomcat|sheriffduty07:59:03 FATAL - Are you sure this task exists?
15:10Tomcat|sheriffdutypmoore: ^ do you know what this is
15:10AutomatedTesterWin8 is TC?
15:11pmoore|mtgTomcat|sheriffduty: just in a team meeting - is it urgent?
15:11Tomcat|sheriffdutyAutomatedTester: ^ :)
15:11pmoore|mtgAutomatedTester: no, win8 is running in buildbot, but might be publishing taskcluster artifacts from mozharness
15:12AutomatedTesterpmoore|mtg: no, not urgent
15:12pmoore|mtgcool, thanks
15:12AutomatedTesterpmoore|mtg: just not getting a build on win8 when you have a mo
15:13pmoore|mtgAutomatedTester: it probably will be a releng matter - it might be worth asking bhearsum / mshal / Callek
15:22whimbooato: hey, mind having a look at my skip patch for the restart tests?
15:22whimbooi would like to get it landed so all the intermittents stop
15:22atowhimboo: I will get to it (-:
15:23marcoekyle: did you verify the e10s coverage reports?
15:23ekylemarco: not yet, they are a bit big
15:23marcoekyle: okok
16:14davehuntdo we have any pandas experts in here? I could do with some help with pivot tables and hierarchical indexes
16:19AutomatedTesterdavehunt: pandas as in the mobile dev boards?
16:19davehuntAutomatedTester: no, the Python Data Analysis Library
16:20AutomatedTesterdavehunt: if anyone I would say mdoglio/wlach/jgraham
16:20AutomatedTesterdavehunt: or my intern starting next week
16:20davehunthmm.. I may be getting somewhere with xs
16:21jgrahamdavehunt: Sorry I haven't used pandas
16:21jgrahamI think they postdate my scientific python experience
16:21AutomatedTesterdavehunt: I wonder if anyone in #data might know
16:22AutomatedTesterlaters all
16:34tedAutomatedTester: we do not have a facility to submit stacks from apple's crash reporter, no
16:36Silne30ato: Hey, man. I have been working with git-cinnabar pretty successfully for a while. I just got back from 2 weeks of pto and now when I try to commit, I get message stating "No module named mercurial."
16:39atoSilne30: git-cinnabar uses the Python mercurial module for a few things, I believe.
16:39atoSilne30: Do you have that installed?
16:39atoIve not noticed anything myself, but then I havent updated in a while.
16:40Silne30ato: Yeah, I did. I just re-followed your tutorial (which was extremely helpful, btw) and it seems fine now.
16:41atoOh, how odd.
16:41Silne30Maybe I didn't update my ~/.bashrc with the path to the commands.
16:41atoGlad its useful!
16:54jmaherwhimboo: I am looking to install a web extension via marionette- do you know if there is prior art for this? maybe the marionetteddriver.addons.install() will work for this?
16:57atojmaher: Yes.
16:58jmaherato: cool
16:58atomconley: Is there an API to get the tab browser on Fennec and Firefox? Currently I have if-conditions for whether BrowerApp or gBrowser is present.
17:01mconleyato: there used to be: - but I think looking for gBrowser on the window object is how we do it now.
17:01mconleynot sure how Fennec rolls, tbh - snorp might know.
17:01atomconley: OK, just making sure Im not missing anything.
17:02* mconley nods
17:21wlachdavehunt: I've only used pandas a bit
17:21wlachdavehunt: julia evans has written up some useful resources on it, if you haven't seen them already
17:22davehuntwlach: thanks, I'll take a look
17:55atomconley: Is it the case that only e10s browsers send Browser:Init?
17:56mconleyato: Yes.
18:10atomconley: Is there anything equivalent to Browser:WindowCreated when the window _closes_?
18:10mconleyato: you need this in the parent process?
18:11mconleybecause if not, there's an observer notification you can listen for in the content process.
18:11atomconley: I would guess so. How does tabbrowser remove browsers from its _outerWindowIDBrowserMap when they disappear?
18:13atomconley: Ah, I found _endRemoteTab.
18:13* mconley nods
18:13atoUh, I mean _endRemoveTab.
18:13atoNot _remote_.
18:15atomconley: I guess theres no event for this because tabbrowser.removeTab is always called explicitly.
18:15mconleyato: there is this:
18:15mconleythe TabClose event in the parent
18:15mconleyfired once we're sure we're going to close the tab.
18:16atoA CustomEvent. Curious.
18:19jmaherato: do you know much about marionette and custom profiles? I have a script that does what I want, but when added to talos (with a bunch of custom profile stuff), it never gets back from start_session()
18:20atojmaher: Is the remote server running?
18:20jmaherato: I launch firefox with -marionette
18:20atoThat should be sufficient, but you can always tell from the Gecko log.
18:20atoIt might be worth cranking up the log level to see what packets are sent by setting the marionette.log.level pref to "trace".
18:21jmaherhmm, I see some errors about rmtree on my profile
18:21jmaherhow do I do a different log level (if you know easily)
18:23atoBy setting that pref.
18:23atoIf youre using the Marionette harness, you can also pass -vv.
18:23jmaherok, I will give it a try
18:23atoIm heading out soon, but happy to have a look in the morning (-:
18:24jmaherato: cool, ideally I will have it working by then!
18:32RyanVMjmaher: general question just because I'm curious - what's the status of switching over to using the Windows TC builds for production jobs & shipping?
18:34jmaherRyanVM: I am not sure of the timeframe, but probably quite a ways out
18:34RyanVMwhat's blocking? Signing?
19:06whimboojmaher: did you get it to work?
19:08jmaherwhimboo: not fully
19:10jmaherwhimboo: I am still getting stuck on start_session()
19:10whimboowhich platform?
19:10jmaherwindows 10
19:11whimboodo you see the gfx sanity window?
19:12whimboois it getting closed?
19:12jmahernot that I know of
19:12jmaherI launch the browser this way: c:\Users\elvis\mozilla-inbound\obj-i686-pc-mingw32\dist\bin\firefox --no-remote -marionette -profile c:\users\elvis\appdata\local\temp\tmp9zsyjw\profile http://localhost:56186/getInfo.html
19:12jmaherI just see one browser window pop up
19:13jmaherI launch the browser; then I try to connect with marionette
19:13whimbooyou cant use the maronette harness to start the browser?
19:13jmaherhow do you do that?
19:13whimboojust create a testcase
19:13jmaherI read the examples on using marionette and it said to start the browser, then connect
19:14jmaheris there a link to an example possibly?
19:21whimbooyou could run this with "mach marionette-test %path%"
19:21whimboonot sure what you want to do in general
19:21jmaherwhimboo: I am trying to install a web extension addon inside of talos
19:22whimbooah, k
19:24jmahercould I instantiate a test case from outside a test runner and pass in a special profile?
19:34whimboojmaher: no. but you can set the log pref in your profile to produce tracing output
19:36jmaherwhimboo: ok
19:36whimbooand make sure that browser.dom.window.dump.enabled is also true
19:42jmaherwhimboo: should I use marionette_driver or marionette_harness; the docs I read said driver, but mochitest uses harness
19:42whimboofor talos just the driver
19:42whimboogiven that talos starts firefox
19:45jmaherwhimboo: I set 'marionette.log.level': 5; do these go to a log file somewhere?
19:46whimboojmaher: its a string and not a number
19:46whimbooso use trace
19:46whimbooyes, in cmd
19:48jmaherwhere is gecko.log stored?
19:49jmaherI don't seem to have one
19:51whimboousually in cwd
19:52whimboojust realized I had a typo
19:53jgrahammaja_zf: I just rememebred why I don't have Vidyo installed on this laptop, so I guess unless I fix that and have decent WiFi the chance of me making this meeting is slim
19:53jgrahamBut I'm trying!
19:53maja_zfA for Effort! :D
20:15jmaherwhimboo: odd, I am getting: error: [Errno 10061] No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it; from marionette driver
20:16jmaherbut I don't have any gecko.log file
20:17whimboojmaher: can you check the browser console
20:18jmaheryeah, let me launch it again
20:20jmaherwhimboo: nothing; although I just got a talos harness timeout this time
20:29whimboojmaher: i wish logging could be more easily enabled
20:29whimboobut on windows its also a pain
20:30jmaherI am trying to replicate the mochitest harness
20:31whimbooi'm heading off soon
20:31whimboowas a hard day with lots of Rust code
20:33jgrahamwhimboo: you had to get your key redone again?
20:34jmaherwhimboo: have a good night, thanks for your help
20:41whimboojgraham: yes, daily procedure! how annoying is that
20:46jgrahamWell my AC started working, so I'm not going to complain too hard in case they come and switch it off again
22:21b4handwhimboo: hey I am getting a weird error installing an addon with marionette. AddonInstallException: ERROR_NETWORK_FAILURE: A network error occurred. I am assuming this isn't talking about my wifi
22:22b4handwhimboo: just answer whenever, didn't see you logged off
17 May 2017
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