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12 Jul 2017
11:09Standard8ahal: the permission change stuck :-)
11:09ahalStandard8: I think I had done +x in my git clone for testing, but forgot to do it in mercurial
11:10Standard8yeah possible
14:59leni1whimboo: ping
15:23mcotewlach: your bugzilla-comment autosizing feature is awesome :)
15:24wlachmcote: yeah I'm pretty happy about it :) pretty good effort->user visible impact payoff
15:25wlachdylan has done a great job making contributing to bmo easier, the new vagrant environment in particular makes it a lot easier to test stuff like this
15:26mcoteyeah definitely
15:26mcotehe's all about shoring up contribution :)
15:26mcotein fact bmo is going to become the new upstream bugzilla
15:26wlachyeah, I think I heard something like that
15:26wlach++ on that plan
17:37Standard8ahal: you know you said you were going to rebase that eslint patch for downloading as part of the docker images? If you havent done it yet, dont worry about it - I have a couple of changes I want to incorporate to package.json, so might as well do them at the same time
17:37ahalStandard8: cool thanks, no I hadn't done it yet
17:56dylanwlach: what's the github repo for autosize.js?
17:58wlachdylan: sorry about unintentionally creating more work for you here
18:00dylanyou didn't, bz created more work. But that's fine. :-)
18:56erahmIs there a straightforward way to set an env var during a try run? ie set MOZ_LOG=foo during xpcshell tests
18:59jmahererahm: you can retrigger a job with that
19:00erahmjmaher: so try ... '--setenv MOZ_LOG=foo'
19:01jmahererahm: I believe that works, but with so many changes from buildbot -> taskcluster and different harnesses, I cannot guarantee anything
19:01erahmle sigh
19:02ahalerahm: if you click your task, then "inspect task"
19:02ahalthen under Task Actions click "Edit Task"
19:02ahalthere's an env list in there you can modify
19:03jmaherahal: you beat me too it
19:03ahalnot a super great workflow, I know
19:03jmahererahm: what os?
19:03ahalwe should add a link to the "Edit Task" ui in treeherder
19:03* ahal files a bug
19:03jmaherahal: there is one
19:04erahmnot sure, I'm just trying to help schien out:
19:04bugbotBug 1319679: Networking, normal, nobody, NEW , Intermittent netwerk/test/unit/test_net_addr.js | xpcshell return code: 0
19:04ahaloh nvm
19:04jmaherahal: the 'custom action' from treeherder
19:04ahaljmaher: I saw that, but I'm not really sure what that does
19:05jmaherahal: wlach wrote that in Q1, you can add env vars and rerun that job
19:05ahalerahm: he can always hard code it into the harness and push too
19:05ahaljmaher: ah, it's not very intuitive how to use it, there's no instructions or anything
19:06erahmahal: here?
19:06jmaherahal: yeah, I think he solved it in the correct way, but making it usable takes some l33t skillz or a lot of docs/ui changes
19:06wlachahal: it is only half-finished, I believe dustin is working on stuff related to it now
19:06ahalerahm: yeah, around here:
19:07wlachI agree that some UI/docs improvements are probably necessary
19:07ahalwlach: cool, right now there's just a "Say Hello" action
19:07ahalnot sure if there's supposed to be more there
19:07wlachahal: for mochitest/reftest there should be a "retrigger test with options" action
19:07ahaloh, cool.. I didn't click on a mochitest
19:07* jmaher wonders if it works on osx since osx is 100% taskcluster
19:08wlachjmaher: my guess would be no, though I don't think it would be a lot of work
19:08ahaltaskcluster also has an "edit task" ui here:
19:08wlachthe functionality very much piggy-backs on ahal's one click loaner stuff
19:08ahalI'd also like to add a link to there with the selected task definition prepopulated
19:08wlachI don't think the loaners work with mac yet?
19:09jmaherwlach: yeah, I think you are correct, no loaners on osx
13 Jul 2017
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