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11 Aug 2017
08:37whimboogood morning.
09:43AutomatedTesterjgraham: hey, are we do an upstreaming of wpt tests?
09:44AutomatedTesterthere are a few wdspec tests missing
09:45AutomatedTesterbetween github and
09:46jgrahamAutomatedTester: I can do one
09:46AutomatedTesterI thought you did one last week which is why I am confused
09:47jgrahamI have a suspicion I missed those tests by a day or so
09:47AutomatedTesternevermind... figured out the issues
09:47AutomatedTesterjgraham: can you add to your todo a downstream?
09:53AutomatedTesterok... my local version of m-c doesnt match the upstream and it says its up to date
09:55AutomatedTesterok... sorted
10:12whimbooAutomatedTester: hm i hate when those blocker bugs are getting backed out. :(
10:12whimboobug 1388424
10:12bugbotBug Marionette, normal, ato, ASSIGNED , Capabilities from geckodriver are not recognised since bug 1387380
10:12whimboogiven that Andreas is not around I would have to update this patch so that we can get it landed
11:15AutomatedTesterWhimboo what's getting backed out?
11:28whimbooAutomatedTester: i fixed it and need someone to land. I still cannot push to inbound via my unified repo
11:33whimbooAutomatedTester: bug 1388424 blocks any work on geckodriver capabilities
11:33bugbotBug Marionette, normal, ato, ASSIGNED , Capabilities from geckodriver are not recognised since bug 1387380
13:25whimbooAutomatedTester: thank you for releasing selenium 3.5
13:26ntimDoes anyone have access to the servers ? :glob has access to them, but I can't seem to ping him
13:31whimboojanx are you around? ^
13:37ntimwhimboo: janx is on vacation
13:38whimboontim: so glob is in Australia which seems well middle in the night
13:38whimbooso it's weekend for him
13:39whimboonot sure who else is around as fallback
13:39ntimwhimboo: The server is currently down and I don't have access to it :/
13:39whimboontim: maybe try to reach sylvestre. he migth know who is a fallback for jan
14:12mcotewlach: would you mind if I referenced your experience with the comment-box autosizer in a blog post I'm writing? :)
14:12mcoteI've been asked to write something about decision-making at Mozilla, and my experience with Phabricator
14:13RyanVMlol, I like where that post is going
14:18mcoteI wanted to write something like this before but thought it might be too...inflammatory
14:18mcotebut now that a senior director has asked me...well
15:07jgrahammcote: Do you also get to sign it with their name? :)
15:09mcoteI'll just preface it with "So Laura told me to do all of this..."
15:25AutomatedTesterwow... all the wdspec tests are broken
15:30maja_zfAutomatedTester: what broke?
15:31AutomatedTestermaja_zf: looks like a change to window state
15:38armenzg_mtgekyle: the meeting drop for me
15:38armenzg_mtganyone else?
18:25bkellybc|afk: are the "Firefox (Beta) (Ion)" builds on AWFY official builds using PGO?
18:29RyanVMAll Windows builds on Beta are PGO
19:49whimbooRyanVM: thanks for landing patches!
19:50whimbooAutomatedTester: which branch?
19:50whimbootests are green on autoland
19:50RyanVMwhimboo: yw
19:50AutomatedTesterthis was on central for me
19:51AutomatedTesterlooks like I needed a fresh build
19:51whimbooalso there th shows passing tests
19:51whimboowe landed the chagnes from andreas
19:51AutomatedTesterwhimboo: you can have failing tests easily because of the manifests
19:51AutomatedTesterwhich would show green on treeherder
19:51whimboobug 1388365
19:51bugbotBug geckodriver, normal, ato, RESOLVED FIXED, Upgrade to webdriver 0.29.0
19:52whimbooso you run the tests directly without the manifest
19:54AutomatedTesterwhimboo: its working now for some reason
19:55KWiersoRyanVM: your push with ato's patch has flake issues
19:55AutomatedTesterRyanVM: stop pushing flaky patches!
19:56whimbooi'm getting annoyed with this patch
19:56whimbooit's so important and it bounces once again
19:56KWiersohasn't bounced yet
19:57KWiersoif someone wants to add a blank line around line 1171 of, be my guest
19:57whimbooit got backed out earlier already
19:57whimbooKWierso: i can do. just a follow-up patch on the bug?
19:58whimboojust some minutes please
19:58whimbooon it
20:01KWiersowhimboo: works for me :)
20:01whimboosomeone has to push
20:01whimbooi cannot do it myself
20:05whimbooKWierso, RyanVM: can one of you land it?
20:05whimbooah landed
20:56whimboojgraham: what&#39;s the reason of having WebDriverResult<Option<String>> instead of just WebDriverResult<String> for some methods of BrowserCapabilities?
20:56whimbooThis double wrapping looks strange
21:28davehuntekyle: is activedata available?
21:29davehuntnevermind, looks like it is
22:04davehuntekyle: at best, activedata is very slow.. :/
22:05davehuntbut I suspect something worse
22:06davehunt&quot;504 Gateway Time-out&quot;
12 Aug 2017
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