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10 Aug 2017
09:28davehuntekyle: is activedata down? I'm getting Service Unavailable: {"error":"MasterNotDiscoveredException[]","status":503}
12:22whimbooAutomatedTester: do we have an issue somewhere for the next selenium release?
12:27AutomatedTesterwhimboo: no, we dont have issues for releases
12:30whimbooAutomatedTester: so what's the current blocker we are waiting for?
12:30whimboocause you mentioned 2 or 3 days ago it will be released tomorrow
12:34AutomatedTesterwhimboo: just so we are abundantly clear, not one person in the Selenium project gets paid to work on Selenium
12:35AutomatedTesterdates are more of guide than anything else
12:35whimbooAutomatedTester: it was just a question due to interest
12:44jlastI think i know the answer to this, but is it possible to get a shallow clone of mozilla-central?
12:45jlastfor the purposes of having an hg that can do artifact builds and nothing else
13:50whimboojgraham: questino... regarding
13:51whimboojgraham: why is bug 1381748 not in the list of proposed bugs?
13:51bugbotBug DOM: Service Workers, critical, amarchesini, REOPENED , Intermittent TestServerQuitApplication.test_attempt_quit | application crashed [@ RefPtr<mozilla::dom::FetchBody<mozilla::dom::Response> >::operator->] after assertion failure: mRawPtr != nullptr
13:51whimboothe classifier doesn&#39;t show it anymore
15:00whimbooRyanVM: hey. looks like no sheriff is around today for a merge. are you going to do one from autoland to central?
15:00RyanVMin meetings, sorry
15:00Aryxwhimboo: the chance for an autoland is slim, the one for an inbound one zero
15:02whimboodamn. it&#39;s hard to wait on changes i depend on from autoland to continue my work
15:03whimboolets see that I can find some other stuff
15:04Aryxseems like there is a mergeable changeset, let me investigate
15:22Aryxwhimboo: merged to central
15:23whimbooAryx: many many thanks. Looks like a lot of changes came in now
15:23whimboothis /home/worker/workspace/build/src/ipc/chromium/src/base/ spam in the log is annoying
15:24whimbooanyone knows about it?
15:24whimbooquick search revealed bug 1388748
15:24bugbotBug Telemetry, normal, dothayer, ASSIGNED , Large volume of warnings from mozilla-central/ipc/chromium/src/base/
16:12Standard8ahal: is there someone else you could push the reviews on bug 1387555 to? Things are working against me today
16:12bugbotBug Lint, enhancement, ahalberstadt, ASSIGNED , [mozlint] When using --edit mode with vim, dump errors into quickfix list
16:14ahalStandard8: sure, no problem (also there&#39;s no rush on that though)
16:14ahalI guess ideally I&#39;d find someone who uses vim to review it
16:14Standard8ahal: well Im away from end of today
16:14Standard8for a week
16:14ahalStandard8: ah, np then, I&#39;ll find someone else
16:14ahalanyone here use vim and want to volunteer for a review? :p
16:15* ahal expects crickets
16:36* ahal gets crickets
17:27dylanI&#39;ll do it.
17:28ahaldylan: thanks! I&#39;ll flag you in a bit
17:37wlachauto-resizing comments, the gift that keeps on giving :(
17:37dylanwlach: ?
17:38wlachdylan: another bug came in today
17:38dylaneven when it&#39;s disabled? :(
17:39dylanI know there&#39;s the size thing, which I&#39;ll review today
17:39wlachdylan: yeah, in happier news I think I fixed it
17:40wlachalthough I don&#39;t know what&#39;s up with bz&#39;s setup, I can&#39;t explain why he&#39;s seeing what he&#39;s seeing
17:40dylanI&#39;m really sorry this was such an unpleasant experience.
17:41dylanbz is almost certainly using the old UI. :-/
17:41wlachautosizing comments with the non-modal ui
17:41dylanthat shouldn&#39;t even happen
17:42dylanthis makes me concerned for the well-being of my interns, whom are both making some drastic UI changes... although so far contained to one page.
17:44* dylan has to find some way of presenting those changes that directs all praise but not so much over-the-top criticism to them.
17:44wlachdylan: hmm I still can&#39;t reproduce
17:44dylanon nightly?
17:45wlachdylan: yup
17:46wlachdylan: I don&#39;t think autosizing is enabled with the non-modal ui
17:46wlachwhich is good
17:46wlachdylan: with regard to the intern project, I would highly recommend making any change optional at first
17:47dylanoh, that part is easy
17:48dylanit&#39;s the new bug form. Nobody has to use it.
17:48dylanBut if you use it, it loads in .300ms instead of 8s for the core product. <.<
17:48wlachwell I can&#39;t see anyone complaining about that :)
17:48wlachbut perhaps i lack imagination
17:49wlach&quot;you totally broke my workflow by making the new bug form load fast.&quot;
17:49dylan&quot;I used to be able to run to the kitchen and make coffee in the time it took to load the bug form&quot;
18:28ahalobligatory xkcd:
19:19armenzggps: git only offers 2.13.1 for Mac (the installer)
19:19armenzgshould I wait until they release it?
19:20gpsarmenzg: it will likely take a few hours for official builds to percolate
19:20armenzgOK; ty
19:29AutomatedTestergps: is this security release preventative or is it a 0day patch?
19:30gpsif you pull from a server with bad data you are p0wned
19:38tedif you install hg via pip you can just `pip install --upgrade mercurial`
19:38tedif you don&#39;t already, i&#39;d highly recommend installing pyenv and just doing that
20:01wlachAutomatedTester: some discussion of selenium + webdriver in slack/#firefox, in case you&#39;re interested
20:01AutomatedTester*sigh*... lemme figure out slack
20:02wlachAutomatedTester: yeah, I know... bleh
20:08AutomatedTesterwlach: I threw in my USD0.02/CAD0.03 in
20:09wlachAutomatedTester: too bad jmaher isn&#39;t around to make a currency joke ;)
20:09wlachanyway, cool, figured you&#39;d have opinions on the issue
20:10AutomatedTesteryou know me... always full of opinions
11 Aug 2017
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