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27 Jun 2017
00:02jgrahammaja_zf: re: your reviews, I'm not super enthused about making a new subdirectory, but I haven't yet spent enough time looking to decide if there's a better approach. But I haven't forgotten.
00:04SynzvatoHi, I have a question about Marionette (Python). I'm in the process of writing a couple of tests. I would like to wait for multiple browser preference changed events to be triggered (so not just one), before ending a "wait" during a test. I need the tests to work on Python 2.7. How would I go about this? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
00:07Standard8Synzvato: stick around for a bit, or maybe ask tomorrow
00:07Standard8a lot of people are travelling today
00:10SynzvatoStandard8: Thanks for letting me know, will do :)
27 Jun 2017
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