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24 Aug 2017
00:22bkellybc|afk: did we change the version of speedometer we are using on AWFY? interesting that both chrome and firefox show a similar pattern of change on August 22 here:
00:22bkellyboth show ~20% improvement
00:43RyanVMbkelly: yes, I believe there was a note to dev-platform about it
00:43RyanVMbkelly: sorry, quantum-flow rather
00:43bkellyRyanVM: oh, is that a mailing list?
00:44RyanVMtop post
00:45bkellyRyanVM: and I see the version number change now
00:46RyanVMugh, only 15% off Chrome now
00:46* RyanVM wants to catch them still, 20% pfft :P
01:19bkellyRyanVM: well, it helps that they backed out clang-on-windows... we shoudl expect that to land again, though
01:19RyanVMyeah, I fully suspect them to figure out the remaining debugging issues
01:19RyanVMthe joys of having nearly unlimited resources at your disposal...
01:19bkellyRyanVM: well, it should make it easier for us to use clang-on-windows in the future
01:20bkellynot that we would necessarily see the same gains
01:20RyanVMIIRC, we haven't so far
01:20RyanVMglandium already ran numbers recently
01:20bkellyAIUI they are using more clang-specific builtins in v8 which gives them a big boost on clang
01:20RyanVMOTOH, looks like we can get ourselves an easy 3% with some PGO tweaks \m/
01:20bkellyyea, that looks nice
01:26glandiumRyanVM: I'm running new numbers now that clang trunk is fixed
01:31RyanVMfixed in what way?
01:31glandiumRyanVM: fixed as in doesn't crash during compilation
01:31RyanVMah, that :)
08:33igoldanhi, guys
08:34igoldanhow can I point Talos to test a *specific* local build?
08:34igoldanI couldn't yet figure this out
08:40whimbooigoldan: i'm fairly sure that there is a mach command to run talos locally for a self-made build
08:42whimboojmaher|afk will know all the details for sure but you would have to wait a bit until he is up
08:43igoldanok, thanks
24 Aug 2017
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