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17 Jan 2017
15:24jmahergbrown: did my comment about running 0 tests and detecting in the harness make sense?
15:25gbrownjmaher: yes, thanks. but something tells me that will be tricky to get right.
15:25jmahergbrown: yes, I imagine it won't be a one liner
15:35wlachjgriffin: hey, are you in toronto now?
15:49jgriffinwlach: I am!
15:49wlachjgriffin: welcome!
15:49jgriffinwlach: I'm still good for our 1:1 at our regular time
15:50wlachjgriffin: ok! I'm in the office atm. maybe I'll see you at lunch
16:07jmahergbrown: a stockwell meeting on 24 minutes, want to add the orange report and a link to your test-info bug?
16:29jgrahamjmaher: Which vidyo room?
16:30mcotejgraham: not this one :)
16:30jgrahamYep, tyring htem one at a time now, starting from A
16:30gbrownjmaher's room
16:32ekylejmaher: in a moment
16:32jmaherekyle: cool!
17 Jan 2017
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