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9 Aug 2017
17:35rhuntkats: I've been comparing chrome's scrolling with firefox's a bit and I've noticed that their mouse wheel scrolls are much more sensitive/fast. i personally like it because it feels more responsive.
17:35rhuntkats: are there any prefs that I can change to get firefox similar to that?
17:35katsrhunt: i think if you reduce general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel.duration*MS you can get it to be faster
17:37rhuntkats: nice, that worked
17:38rhuntkats: how are prefs like that decided? I'm sure there are people who prefer it the way it is, but I wonder if changing it could help perceptually
17:39katsrhunt: on android at least we had a UX person play with different settings and tune them. on desktop they probably haven't been tuned since the dawn of time
17:39katsrhunt: so yeah it's quite possible that we should change the default to make the perception better
17:40katsrhunt: it's worth bringing up on but i'm not entirely sure where. maybe dev-platform or some UX folks? 57 would be a good release to do it in
17:41rhuntkats: yeah I agree. I think filing a bug with some relevent people would be a good first step
17:41rhuntdo you have any recommendations?
17:42rhuntI'll also ask milan
17:43katsrhunt: partly based on the discussion in bug 1381435 and partly because they would at least redirect to the right people, i would say :phlsa, :asa, and :canuckistani would be good people to include
17:43firebot ASSIGNED, Touch events sometime don't register on tab bar (Windows 10)
17:44rhuntkats: relevant - bug 736251
17:44firebot FIXED, smooth wheel precise scrolling isn't very responsive
17:46katsrhunt: indeed. i guess it's been 5+ years, time to revisit it
19:18botondmstange: so i've changed nsDisplayMask::GetLayerState() in the way we discussed (if RequiredLayerStateForChildren() return INACTIVE, return SVG_EFFECTS instead)
19:19botondmstange: but i'm finding that this assertion is still firing:
19:21botondmstange: did i understand correctly, that we were hoping that this change would avoid that assertion firing?
19:23mstangebotond: I don't remember and I might have been confused at the time
19:50botondkats: foiled by picky compiler :/ converting 0.0 from double to float doesn't lose precision, so it didnt complain, but converting 0.1 does
19:51katsbotond: yeah :/
19:51katsmy local compiler had no qualms
19:52botondkats: yeah, it was a "Werror"
19:53katsbotond: of all the patches i've landed today it was the simplest one that got backed out. go figure :/
20:06botondmstange: things seem to be working, and i'm not seeing both PaintAsLayer and PaintMask being called on the same mask display item
20:10mstangebotond: perfect
10 Aug 2017
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