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8 Sep 2017
15:26rhuntbotond: ping
15:32botondrhunt: pong
15:35rhuntbotond: is there a way to test your patch series without a touch screen?
15:36botondrhunt: not that I'm aware of. I tested it on a touchscreen laptop
15:37rhuntbotond: okay, wasn't sure if there was a good trick for it
15:38botondrhunt: do you have a touchscreen laptop?
15:38rhuntbotond: unfortunately not, but I think microsoft has a way you can simulate them
15:39rhuntbotond: I'm just reading code right now, but I thought it'd be good to test it out too
15:39botondrhunt: oh, that's interesting
15:40botondrhunt: let me know if you're able to get that working. if not, and there is a particular page / scenario you'd like to test, i can test it for you
15:43rhuntbotond: wait, does firefox on linux support touch?
15:43botondrhunt: it does!
15:43rhuntbotond: is that what you tested on?
15:43botondrhunt: with some configuration (have to set MOZ_XINPUT2=1 in environment)
15:43botondrhunt: yep
15:47rhuntbotond: found this:
15:47rhuntI don't really want to configure it, but it looks interesting
15:49botondrhunt: interesting, thanks for the link
20:31botondtnikkel: ping?
20:42tnikkelbotond: pong
20:42botondtnikkel: hey - do you know our SVG code by any chance?
20:43tnikkelbotond: not super well
20:46botondtnikkel: in this SVG, there is a <rect> inside a <clipPath>, and the <rect> has a &quot;transform&quot; property:
20:47botondtnikkel: i&#39;m trying to figure out how to get at that transform (given, say, the frame for the <clipPath> or the <rect>)
20:47botondtnikkel: do you have any ideas?
20:56tnikkelbotond: nsLayoutUtils::GetTransformToAncestor on the rect frame?
9 Sep 2017
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