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20 Mar 2017
15:48katspetruta: ping
15:51petrutakats: pong
15:52katspetruta: hey, i just wanted to confirm about bug 1345355
15:52firebot REOPENED, Synaptics touchpad stopped working after Firefox 52 update
15:52katsthe latest build that I linked behaves the same as Firefox 51?
15:52katsi.e. 51 also has random text selection issue?
15:53katsit's confusing to me because you are both saying the scrolling is not smooth at all with the patch, but it should be no different than 51 or if you set dom.w3c_touch_events.enabled=0 in 52
15:56petrutaI know, but I saw no difference between that build and 51. I hoped Martin would confirm that it's the same as before. The thing is that my device's display has technical problems (partially broken) and I have to use an external monitor to properly see the apps.
15:56petrutaI can check again now.
15:59katsi'll ask Martin that more explicitly i guess
20:10botondkats: ping
20:10katsbotond: pong
20:11botondkats: for the AnimationMetricsTracker stuff you've added, would you like to include scroll-driven animations in the set of animations being tracked?
20:13katsbotond: if i understand harald's goal correctly the probes are intended to measure animations that the compositor is doing "on its own". scroll-driven animations are driven by the scroll position changing, which is either already being recorded in the probe (if it's an APZ animation), or it's being driven by active user inputs, in which case we don't want to record it
20:15botondkats: sounds reasonable, thanks. i'll update my WIP patches to do that
21 Mar 2017
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