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20 Apr 2017
20:13rbarkerkats: ping? It seems I can try and land the dynamic toolbar v3? Or am I missing something? Too many patches. I assume you would prefer I squash it first?
20:13katsrbarker: yup, you can land it, and yeah i would prefer if you squashed it. 30+ unbuildable patches is not really helpful
20:15rbarkerkats: okay I'm waiting on try but it looks okay so far. Thanks!
20:16rbarkerI've also been running it continuously through try during the development process so I don't expect any surprises :)
20:18rbarkerkats: I'll run the commit message for the squashed commit by you since I'm pretty terrible at writing them (as history has shown) :)
20:18katsrbarker: i'll be heading out soonish so if you want to land today let me know the commit message soon :)
20:19rbarkerkats: working on it now. :)
20:26katsrbarker: heading out, email me the commit message if you want me to look at it today
20:27rbarkerkats: sure, thanks, just waiting for the squash to finish :)
21 Apr 2017
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