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19 May 2017
17:06botondkats: ping
17:07katsbotond: pong
17:07botondkats: hey, i'm just trying to understand the purpose of compositor animation IDs
17:08botondkats: are they basically IDs that uniquely identify layers, that get passed on to WebRender and associated with whatever representation the layer's contents has there
17:08katsbotond: they're basically a flag to WR that says "this stacking context has an animated transform or opacity, and we will give you the frame-by-frame transform/opacity later"
17:08katsbotond: yeah basically
17:08botondkats: so that we can later tell WR "transform this content"
17:09botondkats: ok, i see, thanks
17:09katswe can provide a transform up front, or provide an animation id to which we bind the transform later
20 May 2017
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