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19 Apr 2017
01:24rbarkerkats: ping?
01:25rbarkerkats: I was under the impression the code in was incorrect before? But I can revert it no problem.
10:51katsrbarker: if it is incorrect it should be fixed in a separate bug
12:17rbarkerkats: I reverted it but I just realized there is a bug I introduced in the animator code I pushed last night.
12:17rbarkerI'll get it fixed after team meeting this morning.
12:17katsrbarker: ok
19:58rbarkerkats: ping? You might want to look at mToolbarState thread safety again. It is only set in the compositor thread. So there is not chance of it getting changed between compare and setting (this is stated in the header BTW). Where is is used outside of the compositor thread, a copy is made at the beginning so that even if it changes, it says consistent for the
19:58rbarkerspan of the usage.
19:59katsrbarker: oh my bad, let me check again
20:01katsrbarker: you're right, sorry. i thought i saw it being written to on the controller thread but i was mistaken
20:03rbarkerkats: no problem :) Thanks for getting through all these reviews. I know how time consuming it is...
20:06rbarkerand botond too... (The thanks part :)
20:07botondoh whoops, kats alread commented on the "Fixe" typo
20:08botondrbarker: np. i can only imagine how much time it must have been to write and debug :)
20:09rbarkerWhile I normally make a lot of typos, it is taking me longer than I expect to get used to the new mac book keyboard and touch pad. Which is a recipe for extreme typos....
20:37rbarkerbotond: regarding the second part of
20:37rbarkerbotond: I tried this originally, but didn't seem to work for when flings stop.
20:38rbarkerbotond: it only seemed to work while the finger was touching the screen.
20:38rbarkerif that makes sense.
20:40botondrbarker: that's surprising. the state change at the end of a fling should be FLING -> NOTHING, which should get picked up there
20:43rbarkerbotond: It may have been pinch zooming? I can't remember exactly now, but IsTransformingState seemed to be failing for certain conditions and moving it to where it now and checking for new state == Nothing seemed to fix it. I'll examine it again and add to the comment after I'm done with the current feedback I'm addressing.
21:18rbarkerbotond: It seem to work now so I moved it back into the transform end if block. Maybe it was a side effect of some bug I had bug have since fixed. Not sure.
21:18botondrbarker: cool, thanks for trying
21:18rbarkerbug have -> but have
20 Apr 2017
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