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17 Apr 2017
17:19botond|wfhtnikkel: 4-week review ping for bug 1312697
17:19firebot NEW, Scroll position not saved on local page ( file:///)
19:24rbarkerbotond or kats: is this the correct way to convert the root FrameMetrics zoom to CSSToScreenScale? CSSToScreenScale scale = aMetrics.GetZoom().ToScaleFactor() * ParentLayerToScreenScale(1);
19:26botond|wfhrbarker: yeah, that's fine
19:26rbarkerbotond|wfh: okay, thanks.
19:27botond|wfhrbarker: we have existing code that assumes that conversion factor is 1, e.g. here:
19:31botond|wfhrbarker: btw., i partially reviewed your Part 12 patch last Monday, and thought that I had posted my comments, but it appears i did not. sorry about that :(
19:32botond|wfhrbarker: i posted them now, and will continue reviewing the patch and have additional comments to post soon
19:32botond|wfhrbarker: apologies if some of the old comments are out of date now or overlapping with comments k-ats wrote
19:32rbarkerbotond|wfh: no problem, I for get to hit the publish button almost every time I use MozReview.
19:34rbarkerbotond|wfh: I'm not too keen on creating C++ enums for the pin reasons. We really don't care what the reason is on the C++ side. Only that there is one. So it feels like over kill to me.
19:35botond|wfhrbarker: if we never switch on them or compare them to a constant in C++ land then it's fine. (i don't think i got far enough in reviewing the patch to see if we did)
19:35rbarkerbotond|wfh: if the JNI stuff auto generated it, that would be one thing, but it doesn't. I hate having code that needs to be synced between two files.
19:35rbarkerbotond|wfh: yeah, they are never compared or switched. I just use the value to bit shift a flag.
19:36botond|wfhrbarker: ok, cool. disregard that comment then
19:36rbarkerbotond|wfh: okay, thanks.
23:25botond|wfhtnikkel: thanks! :)
23:25tnikkelbotond|wfh: yay!
18 Apr 2017
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