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15 Feb 2017
00:07botondmstange: ping?
00:07mstangebotond: pong
00:07botondmstange: hey! question for you about scroll metadata
00:08botondmstange: when a scroll frame is active, its scrollbars also get their own layers
00:08botondmstange: are those layers expected to have the scroll frame's metadata?
00:08mstangebotond: no they're not
00:08mstangebotond: but they are expected to have the scroll frame's scroll id
00:09mstangebotond: but for example the scrollbars of a subframe are expected to have the scroll meta data of the root scroll frame, because they move when it's scrolled
00:13botondmstange: apparently i just can't read layer dumps :)
00:18tnikkelbotond: is more what i'm thinking of
00:22tnikkelbotond: it's almost like we want to stop trying to restore on the current page, but try again if we get reloaded
15:37kats-awaybotond: i'll file a bug for disabling it on android
15:46botond|home*masks* are the other type of svg effect, that's what i couldn't remember :)
15:57botond|homekats: thanks for writing that patch!
15:57katsbotond: np
15:57katsbotond: glad you thought of android :)
21:09* botond has an old tree
23:01botond|laptopmstange: data:text/html,<div style=&quot;height:200px; overflow:scroll&quot;><div style=&quot;height:1000px;background:blue&quot;>
16 Feb 2017
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