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13 Feb 2017
20:31rbarkerkats: ping? do you know what the deal is with WebRenderLayersLogging.h? It's totally broken my build.
20:31katsrhunt: ^
20:31katsi'm in a meeting right now
20:31rbarkerkats: okay thanks.
20:33rhuntrbarker: it's an extension to LayersLogging.h for some webrender ffi types
20:33rhuntit works by defining new AppendToString methods
20:33rhuntand then including LayersLogging.h
20:33rhuntit was mostly done to not mix webrender stuff into LayersLogging.h
20:33rbarkerrhunt: so, I added a file to gfx/layers which shifted all the unified build files.
20:33rhuntbut it breaks with unified builds
20:34rbarkerAnd now it looks like LayersLogging.h is now being include first
20:34rhuntyeah, we ran into that with a merge last week, i think that WebRenderLayersLogging.h should probably just be removed
20:35rhunta workaround might be to just include WebRenderLayersLogging.h in the beginning of LayersLogging?
20:36rbarkerrhunt: okay, I'll try that, thanks.
20:37rhuntrbarker: np, sorry about that
14 Feb 2017
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