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12 Sep 2017
14:18rhuntkats: ping
14:18katsrhunt: pong
14:19rhuntkats: what makes the scrollbars in fennec not interactive?
14:20katsrhunt: i think the fact that they're overlay scrollbars and so don't participate in hit-testing? not 100% sure
14:22katsrhunt: hmm that's probably not right
14:23katsrhunt: addScrollBars should always be false when IsForEventDelivery is true
14:24katsoh that's only for the root scroll frame
14:24katsthis is where the overlay scrollbar for subframes is added: and it doesn't seem to have any IsForEventDelivery conditions on it
14:27mstangeI wouldn't be surprised if subframe overlay scrollbars participate in hit testing on android
14:28mstangehmm, and nsSliderFrame.cpp has touch event handlers, so that should make them interactive as well...
14:29katsi can't seem to drag them on
14:29katsmaybe they're just too thin
14:33rhuntkats: hmm weird, I can't seem to either
14:37rhuntkats: if nsSliderFrame has touch event handlers and there are display items built for events for the overlay scrollbars, I don't think botond's patches will regress this
14:37rhuntbut not 100% sure
14:37katsi'll install the build from his try push and check
14:38rhuntkats: thanks
14:48katsrhunt: it doesn't seem to regress on his build
14:56rhuntkats: okay, cool
13 Sep 2017
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