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12 Jul 2017
14:44katsbotond: in the code at is the "null value, returned from Node()" guaranteed to be null in case where Node is a pointer type?
14:58botond|cppstdkats: yup
14:59katsbotond: thanks
14:59botond|cppstdkats: if T is a built-in type, |T()| will return a zero-valued instance of it
15:00botond|cppstdkats: it's only if you have a declaration without an initiazation, like |T foo;|, that the value can be unspecified
15:00katsbotond: cool, good to know. i probably knew that at some point but forgot :)
20:26rbarkerkats: I updated the toolbar patch so there are two functions, one to update the texture and one that just returns the effect. Do you want to take a look or should I just push after I'm done testing it? It's still rebuilding right now.
20:26katsrbarker: i'd like to take a look
20:27rbarkeroaky, I'll post it as soon and it rebuilds.
20:27rbarkerugh too many typos %^)
13 Jul 2017
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