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10 Oct 2017
19:56botond|homemstange: thanks for the reviews!
19:57mstangebotond|home: you're welcome!
19:57botond|homemstange: I don't know the answer to the question you asked in, but I can look into it
19:57firebotBug 1382534 NEW, Black gaps when scrolling BBC photo gallery
19:57mstangebotond|home: I was trying to redirect some of the SVG reviews in mozreview but mozreview gave me an error when I tried it
19:57mstangeso I did it in the bugzilla attachment details
19:57mstangeso what you see in mozreview may be a bit out of sync now
19:58botond|homemstange: yeah, I think that's a known MozReview issue (it only lets the patch submitter change reviewers). which will never be fixed now that we're eventually moving to Phabricator :)
19:58mstangeI think the issue is that longsonr doesn't have a colon in his bugzilla user name, and the replacement name that mozreview assigns to him ("longsonr+218550") doesn't work
19:59botond|homemstange: ah, interesting. yeah I remember having trouble with such reviewers as well
20:03botond|homemstange: longsonr is a volunteer contributor?
20:03mstangebotond|home: yes
20:03mstangebut he has been doing SVG reviews for many many years
20:04botond|homemstange: cool
11 Oct 2017
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