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10 Aug 2017
18:03rhuntkats: what should the anchor be for key scroll events? mFrameMetrics.scrollOffset?
18:03katsrhunt: yeah the current scroll offset is fine
18:06rhuntkats: the other thing I noticed is that with start = mFrameMetrics.scrollOffset, and end = destination, CallDispatchScroll goes the opposite intended direction
18:07katsrhunt: oh, right, because it's written with touch in mind
18:08katsrhunt: the coordinates were originally supposed to be touchstart and new touch position, which is inverted relative to scroll position. we're just faking it for the other input methods
18:08katsso you could reverse destination and start if you want
18:10rhuntkats: ah that makes sense, I'll just reverse it in the caller then
11 Aug 2017
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