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9 Jan 2017
18:14bittin_booked my flight too FOSDEM now :)
18:51bittin_and stream i son
18:51bittin_is on*
18:52mkaplyAll alone mhoye?
18:57bittin_Toronto went all black
18:57bwintonmkaply: mcote and I are hiding in the back
19:02mkaplyChecks? 50% of your audience just went what? :)
19:05bwintonpotch: What is this "cheque" thing you speak of?
19:05potchah yes
19:05potchI write one check a month :)
19:06mkaplyHow do you turn on the modal ui/
19:06chuttenWell, I can't hear anything...
19:07KWiersomkaply: "Use experimental user interface"
19:12potchwhile (1) { mhoye++ }
19:12andymmhoye: ++
19:15mhoyepotch: crap I forgot one thing
19:15mhoyeCan I jump in for thirty seconds after this?
19:15potchmhoye: jog to the podium after this!
19:16Successhi this is my first mozilla conference
19:17mhoyeI'm up!
19:18potchmhoye: doh
19:18* potch has a short attention span
19:18potchmhoye: I promise you're up next
19:18* potch is a slave to the agenda wiki
19:18* mhoye believes in you
19:18Successso i dialed in the 8600# and it's not doing anything :o
19:18* potch chases a butterfly through a field
19:19chuttenA blue car?!
19:19bittin_KWierso: mkaply neat :)
19:19Successon the toll fre line
19:19Successalso are we going to address the current javascript modules situation?
19:20bittin_neat <3
19:21bittin_Guten Tag jgruen :)
19:22bittin_Andreas Petersson should have translated that too Swedish too :P
19:22bwintonTab Center! \o/
19:22bittin_actully using Tab Center on my work laptop :)
19:23bwintonbittin_++ :)
19:23potchyessss snooze tabs
19:23bittin_hehe neat :)
19:23chuttenSnooze tabs!!
19:24bittin_neat feature :L)
19:24chuttenOh man, hide that behind a long-press of the tab&#39;s close button and... parfait.
19:24bittin_perfect at work
19:24bittin_snooze until after lunch
19:24jgruenchutten: that&#39;s a great idea!
19:25chuttenjgruen: it is?
19:25* chutten joins #testpilot to share it
19:25jgrueni think so, haha
19:25jgruenalthough FWIW, it might not be possible right now
19:26jgruenbwinton: tab center forever
19:26bwintonI hear SnoozeTabs is already in the context menu of tabs, if you&#39;re running a recent-enough version of Nightly ;)
19:27chuttenRestarting to latest nightly now...
19:32emceeaichwoot, congrats on escaping Zynga!
19:35chuttenbwinton: I have the latest of all possible Nightlies (2017-01-09) and no context menu for me :(
19:36chuttenI&#39;m guessing... about:config?
19:47* chutten guesses wrong
19:55bwintonchutten: No, maybe it didn&#39;t land yet
20:11bittin_bwinton: thank you :)
20:24bwintonbittin_: You&#39;re quite welcome. :)
10 Jan 2017
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