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7 Aug 2017
18:00potchtodays agenda: - please report any issues to #avops
18:08lizzardtons of positive articles on firefox lately
18:09lizzardIts been nice to see
18:10sheppyThat Net Neutrality thing is really freaking awesome.
18:28lizzardnew nightly logo is pretty - i hope we get stickers
18:41KWiersoyes please
18:49jrconlinMaybe I'm a traditionalist, but not a super fan of the new nightly logo. Mostly because tiny logo looks bruised.
18:50jrconlinIt's a bit worse on a blue background like I have at home.
18:50jrconlinI'll get used to it, eventually.
20:42larissasI love the new nightly logo too
8 Aug 2017
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