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20 Mar 2017
17:29bittinReady for the Monday Meeting
17:52bittinsound works
18:01larissasgood #timeofday mozillians
18:01larissasI will be trying to follow this channel today and in particular during the fireside chat, share your questions, so if you have one, tag me so I see you
18:05Waldoit's a good service brent
18:12selenamarieWOOO security team HI FIVE
18:12* KaiRo somewhat feels like replacing Bugzilla with something else feels pretty un-Mozilla - but there sure are good reasons
18:17KaiRoyay for PWA support
18:20larissasyaaaaay Sierra!
18:21KaiRoah, turning full-time, awesome
18:22bittinidd :) congrats
18:29potchIf y'all have questions for Chris and Sam, let me or larissas know!
18:31KaiRopotch: Q - Are the issue briefs (haven't read them yet, need to do that soon) something that Reps should know and base conversation with people from other (e.g. FLOSS) communities on?
18:31potchKaiRo: will ask
18:35jrconlinheh, people don't realize what's open or closed, they just recognize what's normal.
18:47lunamobileSounds nice
18:52larissasany more?s
21 Mar 2017
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