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17 Jul 2017
08:39rinajensenhi #airmozilla when will this video be ready?
15:18FreshnessHello rinajensen, the event organizer asked for the event to only be streamed. The event was not recorded, and will not be uploaded to airmozilla.
18:02ErikRoseI don't know if it's Nightly's newness or the fact that I'm running so many fewer blockers, but it's nice to be able to see live Air streams in FF again. :-)
18:02dveditzis the mic on? in MV I'm not hearing him through the speakers
18:03ErikRoseI have sound on the stream.
18:03dveditzgood :-)
18:05* tantek wonders if the Introvert-Extrover guide will mention Meyers-Briggs and in particular the (questionable) science behind it (via gps)
18:06tantekarticle direct link:
18:07dianeyes we're doing some mythbusting too for the buster types @tantek
18:08* ErikRose hears the melody to go with the mkay.
18:10ErikRoseLet's all gang-mail AgileBits and tell them to get 1Password updated.
18:13tantekwow Potch is going to have his work cut out for him next week
18:15tantekyeah MozFest!
18:17KaiRoErikRose: 1) You may have third-party cookies allowed (IIRC, that may still be needed) and 2) AFAIK AirMo always worked fine in fresh profiles
18:17ErikRoseFresh profiles are an unrealistic pipedream. :-)
18:17KaiRoI know
18:17KaiRofor me, airmo has been working fine for a long time in my very aged Nightly profile
18:22tantekthat. was. amazing.
18:23ctbErikRose: hear hear! (re: 1pw)
18 Jul 2017
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