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17 Apr 2017
17:20bittinAny meeting this day, even if its easter?
17:42bittinor maybe its just an extra Sunday in Europe?
17:52bittinits on : :)
18:03rcarrollMy last Monday meeting with AVOps. Thanks for all the good times all.
18:04* Tony_6 ....Roll Video
18:05* PearlM Tony! Tony! Tony! Push the button!
18:05rcarrollHead Room!!
18:09bittinRIP Aurora
18:09SeburoLong live Nightly.
18:11bittinrcarroll: have fun in the future with other missions
18:11larissastake care, rcarroll
18:12bittinshort and sweet meeting
18:12Seburorcarroll: Thank you for doing a great job bringing Mozillians together.
18:12bittincya all next week if not before then :)
18:14rcarrollGlad to have been part of a great group of people. Once a Mozillian, always a Mozillian.
18 Apr 2017
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