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15 May 2017
18:10jwhitlockAnother rotating emoji demo: http://.la
18:13bittin-exciting stuff :)
18:18jbradford if you want to enter questions in Moderator
18:27potchquestions about the Mozilla Data Collective?
18:28mykpotch: is there a subset of data that is available to volunteers or the public?
18:28potchgood question!
18:28potchjbradford: would you like to ask questions from here? I can also
18:28myk(that question might be getting answered as we speak)
18:28potchah! it does seem that way
18:28jbradfordI can
18:29lizzardMDC makes me think of the punk band
18:31KaiRoQ: when talking of opening more to community, does that only mean opening data or also opening to volunteers helping with the data center and tasks related to data?
18:32KaiRohrm, didn't know who to direct it to so nobody saw it :(
18:35bittin-Keep on rocking the free web
18:39mykKaiRo: it was wrapping up by that point, so you might not have gotten it answered anyway, although potch would have been the one
18:40mykKaiRo: in any case, you could probably ask sean rich directly; it looks like he's srich here on irc
18:50KaiRomyk: thanks, yes, could be that it was too late, I tend to forget that there is latency until I even see the video here
19:02jbradfordKaiRo: you should ask Heather
19:02jbradfordShe said Q3ish hopefully for a public view into MDC
19:06KaiRojbradford: thanks - my interest there is less on the view and the really public side than on NDA volunteers contributing in some way in that area (given that I have experience working on/with Mozilla data on staff, this may be an area where I can contribute leveraging that experience but not doing the same thing I at one stage was paid for)
19:07jbradforddefinitely check with Heather
16 May 2017
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