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14 Mar 2017
06:41alex_mayorgahavi: ^ Who do I poke for help here?
13:56glassercalex_mayorga: You might also ask in #avops
14:49KaiRoRichard_, peterbe: are you still good contacts for airmo issues? I don't see videos on any airmo pages atm, and I hear others confirming that
14:51KaiRoI see that the download tab works for public talks, FWIW
14:51peterbeKaiRo: what does the Web Console say?
14:54KaiRopeterbe: let me check - but from what I hear, it's probably the same everywhere so you should be able to debug yourself ;-)
14:55KaiRopeterbe: actually, I don't see anything in the Web Console other than tracking protection blocking Google Analytics
14:58peterbeKaiRo: Is there a particular URL that youre trying to watch that doesnt work?
14:59KaiRopeterbe: was where I noticed first but even the public has no video for me
14:59rcarrollplayer does not seem to be loading.
15:00peterbercarroll: KaiRo: Right. And no errors in the console.
15:01KaiRopeterbe: we came to talk about it in #moco as glasserc also mentioned that still says the video is being transcoded - but maybe that's something different
15:06peterbeThe curious thing is that its not even attempting to download and execute the javascript.
15:06peterbeIve tried in Firefox and Chrome.
15:07KaiRovery interesting
15:10peterbeIt loads the URL but nothing happens. No errors. How strange.
15:10peterbeDo any videos work?!
15:11peterbeNo, it doesnt appear so.
15:12KaiRoI haven't seen any that works
15:16peterbeI wonder if its a security precaution we take that suddenly kicks in and prevents those Javascripts from loading/executing.
15:17peterbeIf it was CSP you should get a warning or error in the web console.
15:19peterbeIt doesnt work on my local laptop version either.
15:19peterbercarroll: Perhaps worth pinging your support contacts at to have them take a look.
15:20KaiRoFWIW, things still worked yesterday so it has to be something that changed within the last 24h or so
15:22peterbeWhen I disable all the fancy security headers, here locally, nothing changes.
15:25peterbercarroll: Yeah, talk to I suspect theyve rolled out some new code in the javascript implementation that starts the embed and that something goes wrong and that errors are incorrectly swallowed.
15:26peterbercarroll: So much of airmozillas audience are staff you might want to email the whole company to say that its a known thing and that youre working on it.
15:50KaiRorcarroll: ideally, post in Discourse as well as there's quite a number of people in the community using airmo as well
15:50unixfairyKaiRo I have comms
15:51unixfairywill put on status.m.o and internal status page
15:51KaiRounixfairy: great!
15:54rcarrolllooks like vidyo is back up with the SF router removed from service again.
17:37peterbeTony_6: rcarroll: In unrelated news, the transcode of seems to have failed.
17:37peterbeIts still on the Clappr HLS video template.
17:37Tony_6peterbe: I am running the video through handbrake right now
17:38peterbeTony_6: are you sure that was necessary?
17:39peterbeThe uploaded .mov file was never submitted to
15 Mar 2017
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