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13 Feb 2017
18:28Richard_Nick Richard
18:54lunaMonday Meeting time :)
19:00chuttenGetting nothing from airmo...
19:01kumarI got a fancy splash screen but the lack of potch is disappointing
19:01potchjust a moment!
19:02chuttenSo everyone's getting the latest calendar pokemon, MondayMON?
19:03kumarI don't see any pokemon but yes
19:04lunai see a calendar :P
19:04sfosterno stream yet on airmo, is that right?
19:04openjckSame here
19:04chuckIs mythmon also a Pokemon?
19:04* sfoster ensures the FOMO
19:05sfosterendures even.
19:06openjckSo why does the calendar say MON if it also says MONDAY?
19:06sheppyOK, so I'm not the only one who sees that calendar and nothing else.
19:06bcjust the calendar for me
19:06sheppyopenjck: Who says "MON" means "Monday"? :)
19:06sheppyMaybe it means "Monitor" or "Mon, I be jammin'."
19:07openjckAh, I like that theory. Good way to spend a Monday.
19:07PearlMWe are on it. Yes, it's happening now.
19:07lizzardyeah, i only see the calendar pic
19:08potchbeing worked on, sorry folks
19:08potchmight need to catch it after the fact :-/
19:08ddurstopenjck: you can read it as a declarative: "Monday, Mon"
19:08Richard_The calendar says that because it was the first CC licensed picture of a desktop calendar I found five years ago
19:08hwineyou're assuming something is being recorded somewhere ;/
19:08openjckddurst: hahaha :-D
19:08sheppyRichard_: :)
19:09sheppyAh, the way so much development happens.
19:09sphilpoh its on
19:09openjckAh yep, works for me after refresh
19:09rcarrollSorry guys, stream is up now.
19:10KaiRooh, I hjad to reload
19:10lizzardyay its working now
19:10sphilpfreezing for me at a certain point tho
19:11openjck"Right now, planet..."
19:11sheppy"Right now plan"
19:11ddurstsphilp: "right now, Planet"
19:11openjckFreezing for me too
19:11lizzardi keep freezing at planet
19:11dhouse+1 stuck in a loop up to the same
19:11sheppysad sheppy
19:11KaiRoyes, gone again
19:11* hwine gives up
19:11jesupreloading just plays to the same point
19:11lizzardmhoye is in a time travel loop!
19:11ddurstwell, missed the whole thing on DLF, so I'll rewatch regardless.
19:11jesupGroundhog day is past...
19:11sheppygot through that point this time for me
19:11openjckI think it's time for us to improvise our own meeting. Anyone have nominees for friends of the tree?
19:12sheppyoh wait, no, I was wrong
19:12lunaddurst: same here
19:12ErikRoseI nominate abbeyj, who ported DXR to clang 3.9.
19:12jesupopenjck: Johann from google for updating libvpx and the build and import code for it
19:12jesupwe'd been waiting for someone to get to that for over a year, I think
19:13ErikRoseAnd then for an encore, he fixed a whole bunch of old bugs and improved token boundaries so we can get context menus on template params in more cases.
19:13potchmight be fun to include these in the offical meeting some time! :D
19:13* ErikRose will get you next week.
19:13potchnext week is a holiday! you scoundrel!
19:14lunayeah mhoye is stuck here
19:14Waldogood ol&#39; Washington&#39;s Birthday
19:14Waldo(I assume)
19:14sfosterok that&#39;s a bust. Will watch later
19:14bcIs it still a birthday if no one observes it?
19:14KaiRoumm, do you guys still celebrate a Presidents Day? Hmm, I guess you better name it back to Washington&#39;s Birthday, more to celebrate
19:15lizzardI think its washington and lincoln combined
19:15lizzardi dont even know!
19:16* KaiRo guesses about half of the people over there wouldn&#39;t celebrate a day for the current president, while at least some of the other half would celebrate even harder
19:16ErikRosebc: You can&#39;t predict ahead of time.
19:16sheppyThey merged Washington&#39;s Birthday and Lincoln&#39;s Birthday into one Presidents&#39; Day to commemorate all presidents of the US; happened when I was in 1st or 2nd grade. The change was a bummer because we lost a day off of school. :)
19:16openjckPretty much
19:17KaiRosheppy: heh, so they decided to celebrate more presidents but don&#39;t give you time off to do that?
19:17sheppyKaiRo: Right. :)
19:17ErikRoseKaiRo: The celebration is merely observed. ;-)
19:18sheppyThat said, they added Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a few years later, so we got the day off back then.
19:20Richard_Presidents Day is Feb 20th this year.
19:20KaiRoRichard_: next week, as potch correctly stated
19:21Richard_Yeah couldnt see that from here. All I got was Hoyes groundhog day loop about 10 times.
19:22KaiRoRichard_: oh, that was here in the channel, I only got that piece of video as well
19:22Richard_Strange. Watching in the network window it kept loading chunk lists, but always loaded media segment 9 over and over. Someone must have changed something after I left.
19:22sheppyUntil Mozilla, it had been decades since I last had Presidents&#39; Day off. :)
19:23Richard_Got a message in the console that JWPlayer wasnt loaded. Thats odd because we stopped using JWPlayer about a year ago.
19:23KaiRoI won&#39;t show up to whatever Hoye&#39;s been talking about unless I get a good reason to do so
19:23Richard_So I have no idea what was happening.
19:24KaiRo(and I have a good idea what he meant)
19:24KaiRothe Planet thing would have been interesting though
19:31sheppyKaiRo: Yeah -- I would like to know.
19:40kbrosnani think we enabled csp wide
20:47larissasThe recording is good, I am watching now, feeling proud as Mika explains our Amicus Briefs on immigration
20:47larissasand others
21:16kumarI can&#39;t wait to find out what happened to planet
14 Feb 2017
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