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11 Sep 2017
17:44* Tony_6 Monday Project Meeting will be in the MTV Commons (system has been restored)
18:00SeburoWhat's with the taped off area in MTV?
18:01larissasWe had an incident of glass breakage caused by the heat wave last week
18:02larissasyes it was rather an extreme heat wave! all is well, no humans harmed, repairs underway
18:02Seburolarissas: Crumbs, hope no one was hurt (and if there was, they are okay now).
18:03larissasluckily, it was the weekend and no one happened to be nearby
18:05SeburoAnyone else having connection issues or is it just me?
18:05justdaveyeah, stream just died for me
18:05justdaveit was getting choppy for a bit, and now it quit
18:06SeburoOk. Just thinking... I am in the UK. Members of the Euro Parliament really do not want to hear from us right now. :-)
18:07justdaveI hit reload and it started going again
18:07SeburoAnd in other news, the Emerging Technologies team have found a way to freeze time.
18:07justdavebut now it just died again, so it didn't help for long
18:07* tantek laments the loss of intramo
18:07* tantek needs to buckle down and start backing up various pages
18:09Tony_6Seburo: how's the stream looking now?
18:10SeburoTony_6: More stable, but with the occasional 1 second cut outs.
18:10sw1ayfeI'm getting same cut outs. Especially this and previous speaker
18:11justdavetime for me to switch from beta to release, since I have addons I can't live without that are refusing to update to webextensions until Firefox 57 hits the release channel.
18:11SeburoRelease? What is this thing? :-)
18:11tantekjustdave, similarly but with NOSCRIPT
18:12tantekwithout NOSCRIPT, my current set of open tabs causes FF to jank the entire machine
18:17SeburoCool Sync news
18:22* tantek should check to see if his feed still works in Planet
18:23* tantek verified. and apologies for spamming you all with a super long SF Marathon race write-up.
18:24Seburotantek: No problem, I help organise the London one. Marathons are hard, and worth celebrating. :-)
12 Sep 2017
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