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6 Oct 2017
00:00Mardaki suppose... whitelist!
00:01k88hudsonMardak: yeah looks like it
00:01Mardaklooks like devtools ran into something similar.. maybe
00:02streaminatorr1cky: Hey, your patch was approved!
00:02Mardaki see it failing locally. i'll try to fix
00:09streaminatorandreio: Hey, your reviewer requested some changes:
00:09streaminatorandreio: Hey, your reviewer requested some changes:
00:09k88hudsonMardak: there seems to be some platform specific stuff declared in the all_files_referenced file too
00:12Mardakk88hudson: got it. updating
00:15k88hudsonMardak: aweosme
00:17k88hudsonMardak: ship it
00:19Mardakok i'll wait for autoland to get your dev changes. mozreview isn't smart enough to land in request order
01:22streaminatorr1cky: Hey, your reviewer requested some changes:
02:37streaminatorursula: Hey! Someone requested a review:
14:04streaminatorMardak: Hey, your patch was approved!
15:01dmosek88hudson: interesting read, makes it looks pretty straightforward for us:
15:01k88hudsondmose: cool!
15:02k88hudsondmose: no more perf tools in 16 :(
15:03dmosewell, react does now use user timing
15:04dmoseand i think this causes at least chrome, and perhaps also fx devtools to generate more useful data
15:04dmosethough i dunno about the gecko profile
15:04dmosewe can ping greg tatum about this, if it's not where we need it, i think
15:54streaminatorr1cky: Hey, your patch was approved!
16:21Mardakk88hudson: well this is odd...
16:34k88hudsonMardak: that doesn't seem related :S
16:34k88hudsonyeah weird
17:38streaminatorncloudioj: Hey! Someone requested a review:
17:50Mardakk88hudson: looks like good thing we didn't try to uplift the deduping logic changes. should i back out andreio's PR and export again? chrome mochi&filter-resultStatus=testfailed&fromchange=e4e9d3b82269&tochange=78bcdf8e3d5d
17:55k88hudsonMardak: I guess so yeah. those failures look so weird
17:55Mardaknod. two different types of test failures for... really strange unknown reasons...
17:56Mardakpushing to try to double check
17:57Mardaki suppose one positive is that it's seems to be a consistent failure
18:13dmosethere's a lot of orange on pine
18:13dmosesome of it appears to be activity-stream-debug.html being unreferenced
18:21Mardakdmose: it's the deduping
18:21Mardakk88hudson: fixed with revert
18:21Mardaki'll push to master and export again
18:54andreioMardak: is there an issue with deduping or is it surfacing something else?
18:56Mardaksomehow it's causing various test failures. sometimes browser/base/content/test/urlbar/browser_page_action_menu.js more consistently failing toolkit/components/perfmonitoring/tests/browser/browser_webpagePerformanceAlerts.js
18:58andreioI'll look into it
19:37andreioMardak: I've installed nightly on an older Windows laptop and the bookmarks delta looks like 32 _seconds_
19:37andreioall are added within a 200ms interval, but it takes a really long time to get there.
20:23streaminatorcsadilek: Hey, your patch was approved!
20:48k88hudsonMardak: hey do you have some time to take a quick look over we just want to make sure we didn't miss anything
20:49Mardaki did take a quick look earlier. not sure if we want to remove the string quite yet unless it's causing failures
20:50Mardakhow should the page behave?
20:52k88hudsonMardak: it's just supposed to look more like photon, with the launch-bar at the bottom / Mozilla logo gone
20:53Mardakand no migration i guess?
20:53k88hudsonand onboarding should have large versions of the inline icons instead of the firefox logo
20:53k88hudsonMardak: no migration, that's right
20:55Mardaklooks like some rtl issues with snippets, but i doubt that's new
20:55ursulayeah i don't think that's us
20:59k88hudsonMardak: yeah we're gonna need to fix some stuff in the snippets template
21:22ursulaMardak: ok made the changes from your review, thanks for taking a look
21:49ursulaMardak: we're waiting on aaron to approve it visually and waiting for try to finish, but other than that i think it looks good?
21:52Mardaki would feel more comfortable with someone who has worked on the page to provide some feedback... but i think it should be fine i'll try pinging adw
22:06Mardakursula: any particular rush to have it autoland now? (tree is red anyway) just f?jaws
22:06ursulayeah no rush
22:06ursulai'll f? jaws
22:06Mardaki suppose our export and the places query change contributed to the burning autoland
7 Oct 2017
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