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6 Jan 2017
00:50as-github-botursula: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
16:09nanjtspurway: let's meet at your vydio at 11:30am?
16:10tspurwaynana: sure - you wfh today?
16:10ursulais anyone else getting tab tracker test failures on master?
16:18ursulaalso nanj slight change of plans, we'll only uplift the patch with the metrics for metadata to 1.1.9, and we won't uplift 7641f66e7b590b19892ce4bd07817e7c894d22dd commit. we'll just let this one go into 1.2.0
16:19nanjursula: ok
16:19ursulathanks :)
16:19ursulai updated the patch with your review comments, would you be able to look it over again when you have a change?
16:20ursula^ jkerim also
16:21nanjtspurway: yes, nanj is. not sure about his sister nana
16:22jkerimnanj and nana: wondertwin powers activate
16:22jkerimform of. soccer cleets!
16:22nanjursula: oh, you found tab tracker unhappy again, on local or travis?
16:22ursulananj: only locally so far
16:22ursulatravis is running right now, so we'll see
16:23nanjjkerim: heh, that's a good one
16:23ursulaseems ok on travis
16:24nanjursula: i landed a patch to tab tracker yesterday
16:24nanjif it's still unhappy, you can come and blame me or nana
16:25ursulaon the metrics patch though i think travis is unhappy about the sleep thing
16:25ursulaworks locally but fails on travis
16:25tspurwaynana: what have you done with nana?!
16:26nanjursula: cos travis never sleeps
16:28tspurwaynana: my vidyo? bring nanj, too!
16:30nanjtspurway: yup, he is there
16:48as-github-botMardak: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
17:06nanjursula: fyi travis found a test failure in "./test/test-MetadataStore.test_get_oldest_insert"
17:10ursulananj: yeah but it passes the test locally so I think it's unhappy about the sleep function
17:10ursulaI don't know how to go around it though
17:11nanjthat sounds like a potential intermittent failure
17:11nanjlet me take a look at it
17:27dmosejkerim: how does telemetry get disabled for developer(?) runs?
17:27dmosepackage.json sets that pref to true
17:27dmoseand none of -prefs.json files ever set it to false
17:30dmosenor does it appear to be touched in the YML files
17:32dmoseand reading TelemetrySender.js has so far not provided more insight
17:37ursulai think tab tracker is the one who makes that decision
17:38ursulaif that pref is true the listeners to send pings get added
17:39ursulaalso, there's a dev-prefs.json which has a different endpoint for the pings
17:39dmosethanks; that's a start
17:39dmoseseems like a modularity issue
17:39dmosebut hey
17:39dmoseursula: so the endpoint there doesn't have anything that makes it obviously a dummy endpoint
17:40ursulanothing obvious, no
17:40ursulaother than the fact that it's different than the one in package.json
17:40dmoseah, i'm wrong
17:40dmoseit's the word "stage"
17:40ursula"stage" is in the name
17:40dmosegoood times!
17:40dmoseok, that's what i needed; thnaks!
17:44dmosehmm, i think i'll set up a "stage" sentry project analogously
18:01tspurwaynanj, nana: join me in Spadina vidyo
18:51nanjursula: hey, did you figure out the way to get around the test failure?
18:51ursulananj: nope
18:51ursulaany suggestions?
18:52nanjlet's do a quick vydio for that?
18:52ursulasure give me a min
18:53nanjyup, waiting at your vydio room
18:53ursulajkerim: do you want to join?
18:53ursula(we were just talking about it
18:53jkerimwhat shappenign?
18:54ursulananj and i are gonna talk about the travis failure quickly
18:54ursula in my vidyo room
20:43Mardaktspurway: first search result. see output and source
20:50as-github-botdmose: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
7 Jan 2017
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