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20 Mar 2017
15:22jkerimnanj: im going to uplift some commits to 1.7.0
15:22jkerimbefore we release
15:22jkerimsounds good?
15:23nanjsure, go ahead
15:23nanjr1cky: do you have any commits to uplift?
15:24r1ckynanj: yes, probably the ones jkerim is referring to :)
15:24jkerim1) close localFetch20 experiment 2) close screenshots experiemnt and start screenshotsAsync experiment 3) screenshots async fixes
15:24nanjjkerim: r1cky also fixed this issue, can you take a look?
15:25r1ckyyes ^ that needs to go
15:25jkerimgood catch
15:25emtwoyay new experiment!
15:26jkerimr1cky: yep approved, merge and uplift
15:26jkerimemtwo: \o/
15:26nanjyou guys go ahead, i'll uplift the telemetry updates/fixes after you guys are done yours
15:32jkerimokay i cherrypicked
15:32nanjr1cky: how about you? ^
15:33r1ckynanj: i'm all done
15:33jkerimim just gonna wait for travis to finish building
15:33jkerimand quickly test the addon
15:34nanjsounds good
15:35nanjr1cky: shall we enable the newtab preferences exp now?
15:36r1ckynanj: no. we'll wait until next release
15:36r1ckynanj: and not sure if Edit Top Sites should be behind an experiment?
15:36r1ckyi guess we can discuss at product meeting
15:36r1ckyoh wait, that's not even in that release
15:38nanjr1cky: no, it's not. that's why i was confirming with you to see if we wanted to uplift it
15:38nanjbut yep, let's discuss that in the product meeting
15:39r1ckynanj: i dont think so. just let it ride trains
15:39r1ckysafer that way
15:39nanjheh, agreed
16:17jkerimnanj: can you check if the pre release rebuilt with those cherry picks?
16:19nanjyes, it did build
16:20nanjjkerim: last build was "Mar 20, 2017 11:56:51 AM GMT-0400"
16:26ckpricenanj: tspurway emtwo _6a68 any agenda for the meeting in 5 mins (i am admittedly coming in a bit cold to the meeting)
16:31_6a68ckprice: what room?
16:31ckprice_6a68: TestPilot room
16:56jkerimnanj: maybe its not making its way onto s3
16:56jkerimif i install from pre release channel
16:56jkerimi get fbdd5e1a
17:13nanjjkerim: i just installed it via the pre-release channel, it gave me 932226c
17:14jkerimmaybe im doing something wrong
17:14jkerimtheres a link for pre release:
17:14jkerimif i install from that i get the old one
17:15nanjlet me try it again
17:17nanjhmm, it still installed the correct one. i guess that s3 takes some time to catch up
17:18jkerimyou used taht link and got the new one?
17:18jkerimi keep getting Build: 1.7.0-pre-release-1489434942-fbdd5e1
17:19nanjyep, it got 932226c, which is the tip of pre-release
17:22jkerimmaybe im getting some weird caching issue
17:32k88hudsonwhere is everyone
17:33jkerimk88hudson: finch
17:44emtwoursula: does Harold have an alternative name? I can't find him on phonebook
17:44ursulatspurway: ^
18:41emtwothanks Mardak
19:22as-github-botaaronrbenson: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
19:22as-github-botpdehaan: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
19:22as-github-bottspurway: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
19:22as-github-botnchapman: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
19:22as-github-botSoftvision-VladBacia: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
19:23as-github-botjennchaulk: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
20:27jkerimoh r1cky
20:27jkerimwhy dont i take the bookmarks/screenshots
20:27jkerimsince i arleady did the screenshots refactor
20:27r1ckyjkerim: i am almost done actually
20:27jkerimso you can keep workign on customization stuff
20:27r1ckyjust finishing the tests
20:27jkerimoh oh
20:27jkerimoh ok
20:27r1ckyPR coming soon :)
20:46jkerimr1cky: are you doing it the same as as topsites?
20:47r1ckyjkerim: yeah pretty much
20:47jkerimi was gonna say we should handle it the same way, ie with a missingData bool, and the listenres for that
20:47jkerimand a shouldGetScreenshot method
20:47jkerimi mean
20:47jkerimi think that layout works really well for topsites (i hope)
20:47jkerimokay cool ill just wait to see the pr then
20:47* jkerim sits on his hands
21:03as-github-botjkerim: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
21:56dmosek88hudson: interesting:
21 Mar 2017
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