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20 Apr 2017
16:38dmosebah, TelemetrySender.jsm triggered the "unreferenced file" orange on pine
16:38dmoseseems like there ought to be someway to allow that sort of things for multi-part landings
17:52as-github-botcsadilek: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
17:59k88hudsondmose: I forgot to ask, I still don't know where that changeset has to happen for flipping the top sites pref off for tests
18:32Mardakr1cky: did you get eslint working? it looks familiar with something we ran into last year november..
18:32Mardakmaybe update npm and/or rm -rf node_modules and try again?
18:34r1ckyMardak: let me try that now
18:34Mardakfor reference, my $ npm --version 4.5.0
18:34Mardakand travis seems to be 3.10.8
18:35dmosek88hudson: let me look
18:37r1ckyMardak: all good now after nuking node_modules. Thanks!
18:37k88hudsonI'm getting a weird error too with eslint.. hm
18:37k88hudsonjust in my editor tho
18:39dmosek88hudson: so is this for mochitesting?
18:40k88hudsonyeah atom
18:40k88hudsondmose: yep
18:41dmosek88hudson: so things seem to have changed since i last looked at them. there are several possibilities.
18:41k88hudsonerror is: ESLint Error: Cannot read config file: /Users/khudson/github/activity-stream/node_modules/eslint-plugin-mozilla/lib/index.js
18:43Mardakk88hudson: that file indeed doesn't exist for you?
18:43dmosek88hudson: i'm not finding a mochitest-specific place, but testing/profiles/prefs_general.js seems like it should do it for all tests
18:43k88hudsonMardak: iI don't see it
18:43k88hudsondmose: ok, that works
18:45k88hudsonMardak: it's weird because it was just working
18:46k88hudsonmust have been a recent change
20:25ursulak88hudson: fwiw i'm also getting the eslint error in atom
20:25ursulaevery time i save
20:25ursulait's quite annoying
20:26as-github-botursula: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
20:27as-github-botk88hudson: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
20:29ursulak88hudson: do we need to land the small changes to the message manager from into central?
20:34k88hudsonursula: nah let's just do it when we do the big UI patch
20:34k88hudsonI'm just backporting the review changes from conley right now
20:38k88hudsonjkerim: hey i just added a comment to
20:39k88hudsonwhat do you think abt that
20:42jkerimya lets just leave it that way then
20:42jkerimill have to find a better way to separate that
20:46k88hudsonjkerim: ok i filed
20:47jkerimwell have to be able to do that once we move experiment definitions off to the server
20:47jkerimbecuase all experiments will ship default off
20:47jkerimand then well flip em on after they ship
20:47k88hudsonjkerim: ok good to know
20:47jkerimso yeah we might need to do it in some kind of split pref way, where we have a pref for a feature thats just a pref
20:47jkerimand then separately an experiment can refer to that pref
20:48jkerimwhich is actually the way the quantum/shield experiments are setup
20:48jkerimso maybe well just mirror that approach more closely
20:50k88hudsonoh interesting
20:52* dmose reads and reads and reads about perceptual performance monitoring
21:10ursulaMardak: so kate and i chatted briefly about not init-ing AS until after browser-ui-startup-complete has fired and we think that&#39;s good, so if we take that approach i&#39;ll just close off the PR for the content search stuff right? <- that one
21:10ursulasounds good?
21:11ursulaand i&#39;ll file a ticket to init AS after browser-ui-startup-complete has fired
21:47k88hudsondmose: it looks like the branch option of Preferences might not be working
21:47k88hudsonor else we&#39;re using it wrong
21:52as-github-botk88hudson: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
21:59as-github-botursula: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
22:24dmosek88hudson: what&#39;s the failure mode?
22:25k88hudsondmose: it just returns undefined for prefs
22:25k88hudsoni checked, and if you provide the full path it works
22:25k88hudsonso it seems as if the branch option has no effect
22:27dmosek88hudson: huh, so there&#39;s code in Preferences.jsm for that
22:27dmosek88hudson: is this in your patch?
22:27dmoseor the Telemetry code?
22:29k88hudsondmose: in the telemetry code
22:29k88hudsoni also just tried it in the console
22:29* dmose goes to peer at Preferences.jsm
22:30k88hudsonit *appears* as if branch should work
22:30k88hudsonaccording to the constructor there
22:32dmosek88hudson: yeah, and randomly browsing all the code suggests that it has the infrastructure
22:32k88hudsonyeah it does look like it
22:33dmosek88hudson: try setting a breakpoint in the constructor and in the getter and see whats&#39; up?
22:33dmosesingle stepping from those places would likely yield the asnswer
22:33k88hudsonyou mean in Preferences?
22:34k88hudsondmose: yeah ok
22:34k88hudsonill poke around some more tmr
22:36dmosek88hudson: yeah, in preferences
22:36dmosek88hudson: so how do you live with mozilla-central and Atom?
22:37dmosewhenever i try to open a new file, I have to wait like 2 mins for the dialog to reindex
22:37k88hudsonk88hudson: really eh? mine seems to be pretty quick now
22:37k88hudsoni wonder if you have some plugins or something that are slowing it down
22:39dmosecertainly possible
22:39dmosei should uninstall all the plguins i don&#39;t care about
22:39dmoseof courtse, i&#39;m on a macbook air
23:06dmosemconley: it&#39;d be kinda interesting to build uninterruptible reflow telemetry into (at least) nightly
21 Apr 2017
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