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19 May 2017
15:20ursulainteresting talk from yesterday called "Web Performance: Leveraging the Metrics that Most Affect User Experience" :
15:21ursulak88hudson, jkerim, emtwo dmose ^^
15:21k88hudsonCool thanks!
16:43dmoseursula: danke!
16:46* dmose watches vidyo flail
16:47tspurwayjkerim, emtwo we are in eglington
16:48Mardakdmose: good thing there was the UseOldPreferences usage in about redirector ;)
16:51dmoseMardak: indeed :-) I would not have know about the live pref caching thing
16:57ursuladmose: any reason you couldn't use aboutnewtabservice.activityStreamEnabled instead of using the pref stuff ?
16:58ursulaIn aboutRedirector.cpp
17:01dmoseursula: GetURIFlags gets called ~150 times during a single about:newtab load in ActivityStream
17:01dmosegetting a service 150 times seems excessive
17:01dmoseand last I checked, it wasn't ok to cache XPCOM services
17:01dmose(though maybe that's changed)
17:03ursulaDoes the pref caching mean it won't work if you toggle the pref?
17:03dmoseit should work
17:03dmose(that's the nature of that particular cache impl)
18:12Mardakdmose: doh ;)
18:33dmoseMardak: looks like every test directory needs to add a special .eslintrc.js
18:36dmoseMardak: what's the proper procedure here? do a separate commit and push to review again? or do a separate commit, squash, and push to review again?
18:40Mardakdmose: sure you can squash and request again if you want but that doesn't seem required depending on how big of a change
18:46dmosetiny; just adding an eslintrc
18:47dmoseMardak: are you saying that if don't want review, i should just push straight to mozilla inbound?
18:53Mardakyou can push to review to use autoland. it'll just have a warning that it's different from what was reviewed. but from review you can also do the try push
18:53Mardakoh but first click the "reopen for review" button at the top
21:20dmoseMardak: thanks
20 May 2017
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