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19 Apr 2017
08:36as-github-botk88hudson: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
13:23as-github-botrlr: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
16:54Mardakursula: odd.. in debugging content search init stuff, it looks like the searchfeed is being initialized twice so all my logging is doubled?
16:55Mardaki do see the add-on getting initialized before contentsearch is initialized or before browser-ui-startup-complete is triggered
16:56Mardakwithout the contentsearch.initialized, there would be different behaviors when installed as system-addon vs separately installed
17:39jkerimr1cky: right now theres no way to unpin something from a-s right?
17:40r1ckyjkerim: you need to go to Edit (behind experiment) and the unpin button shows on hover
17:41jkerimr1cky: if i turn the experiment on i dont see the unpin button
17:41jkerimdoesnt show for me
17:41jkerimexperiment is true, still just shows the three dots in the circle
17:41r1ckyhmm, you click the edit link on top right of top sites?
17:41jkerimoh is ee
17:41jkerimyou have to bring it up
17:41jkerimyep taht works
17:41r1ckyits a little involved yeah. i think we might add easier ways
17:42r1ckyemtwo: are you on mac?
17:44emtwor1cky: yea
17:44r1ckyemtwo: ok. everybody keeps getting misalignments that i dont get. hehe
17:44r1ckywonder what triggers it
17:45emtwor1cky: heh. such is the world of software! I'm guessing it's because my bottom row the right 3 dont have icons on their top left
17:47emtwor1cky: there's this one too ^
17:47emtwoon hover I'm not sure if that outline is supposed to be up high like that?
17:48r1ckythats messed up too
17:49emtwor1cky: should I file it or you've already got a ticket for it?
17:50r1ckyemtwo: maybe just add it as a comment to the other one. probably all related
17:50emtwook will do!
18:25as-github-botMardak: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
19:15r1ckyMardak: your last commit breaks `npm run once` for me -> JPM [error] Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat '/Users/rlr/dev/activity-streams/node_modules/eslint-plugin-mozilla/node_modules/.bin/esparse'
19:20Mardakr1cky: might need a npm install ?
19:20r1ckyMardak: i tried that. but didnt fix it
19:21Mardakwhat's your node npm versions?
19:22r1ckyoooh heh. probably that let me check
19:22r1ckyMardak: v6.7.0
19:24ursulaMardak: sorry I'm in tribe for the rest of the week but yeah the search gets initialised twice because the second one is the preloaded tab being initialised. The add-on gets initialised before nsBrowswrGlue gets initialised which is where content search gets initialised
19:24ursulaSo many initialising
19:50r1ckyMardak: what node version should I be on?
19:52Mardakr1cky: aha. we needed to bump travis up to node 6.9.1 for eslint mozilla
20:04as-github-botncloudioj: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
20:06r1ckyMardak: now I get a different error
20:15as-github-botrlr: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
20:21as-github-botk88hudson: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
20:30dmoseMardak: seems like we should add a node version constraint to the "engines" field of package.json
21:01ursulaMardak: you know what, i think listening to browser-ui-startup-complete might actually be sufficient for us
21:02ursulabut we still need to have a check to see if contentsearch is initialized before calling get state, in the case that we've initialized contentsearch but haven't yet added our observer
21:02ursulafor that particular notification
21:02ursuladoes that make sense?
21:16ursulaMardak: realistically, if we can guarantee that nsBrowserGlue gets initialized after our addon does then we don't need the is initialized check in content search and we can just listen for the "browser-ui-startup-complete" notification. but i don't know if in reality it's a race between our bootstrapp'ed addon and nsBrowserGlue so by having both the check
21:16ursulaand the notification we over our all our bases. but in an ideal situation we could confirm that nsBrowserGlue always gets initialized after our addon
21:43as-github-botk88hudson: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
20 Apr 2017
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