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17 May 2017
06:54as-github-botk88hudson: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
15:50as-github-botStandard8: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
15:51dmosemconley: is should any about: URLs that are URI_CAN_LOAD_IN_CHILD also be URI_MUST_LOAD_IN_CHILD?
15:51dmosethe IDL commentary doesn't really give sufficient context :-/
15:51mconleyI don't think I fully understand the question
15:52dmosemconley: so, in nsIAboutModule.idl, there are two flags that can be given to any about: URL
15:52mconleyI guess I'm having a hard time parsing: "is should any about: URLs that"
15:52dmosemconley: what's not obvious to me is whether any URI that can load in the child should ever be loaded in the parent
15:52dmoseoh, heh, that
15:53mconleyah, okay
15:53mconleyI think I understand now
15:53dmosein other words, it's not actully obvious to me why there are two separate flags at all
15:53mconleyRight, okay, I understand
15:54dmoseie don't want ALWAYS want to load about: URLs into the child process if they're capable of it?
15:54dmoses/don't want/don't we/
15:54mconleydmose: so I believe URI_CAN_LOAD_IN_CHILD is mostly reserved for things like net error pages
15:54mconleywhere we want to maintain the remoteness state of whatever browser loads that URI
15:54mconleywhether it be remote or non-remote
15:55mconleywhereas, URI_MUST_LOAD_IN_CHILD is like, "oh, you're non-remote? and this is an e10s-enabled window? Flip remoteness!"
15:55dmoseoh, interesting
15:56dmoseso to figure out whether about:newtab wants MUST or both, I'm gonna need to go look at all the various users of CAN?
15:56dmosewhich I guess really means "what are the semantics of setting both flags?"
15:58dmoseursula: is ^ this something you know from your previous e10s work on tiles?
16:02* dmose reads
16:04dmosehmm, looks like the "both flags" state behavior is undefined/untested
16:04dmoseMUST it is!
20:14as-github-botMardak: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
18 May 2017
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