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16 May 2017
17:06oyiptongoh wow. my newtab page has a new look
17:07tspurwayhey oyiptong
17:07tspurwaywe have a version in nightly as well
17:08tspurwaypreffed off by default
17:09oyiptonggood stuff!
17:09oyiptongwhat's the pref?
17:09tspurwaysearch for activity-stream
17:09oyiptongok will do
20:40Mardakk88hudson: do you have a good way to track down the PR for a line change? e.g., this conditional removal of the observer in bootstrap
20:43k88hudsonMardak: git log -L maybe?
20:44Mardakoh hrm. do you prefer github's merges over squash
20:44k88hudsonMardak: oh i see what you mean
20:45k88hudsonMardak: I mean, I kind of like squashes as long as PRs are pretty much a 1-1 correlation with a bug number
20:46Mardaki'm trying to track down the PR to see what was the review comments / progression of commits
20:47k88hudsonMardak: could you look for references in those bugs maybe
20:47Mardakat least the default behavior of github's squash is to include the PR# at the end of the commit, so that's useful for me in being able to jump to the PR (which usually refers to the issue# somewhere)
20:48Mardakthe issue number in the commit isn't always helpful, e.g., here
20:48Mardakthat issue has references to the commits but not PR
20:48k88hudsonMardak: I guess you could search PRs as well
20:48Mardakthat's what i ended up doing :p
20:48k88hudsonhaha ok
20:49k88hudsontbh i wish issues could just have attached Prs
20:49Mardakmerge commits do have the PR# by default, but those merge commits aren't associated to the line change, so not in blame
20:50k88hudsonyeah that's annoying
20:50Mardakand going from a commit to a merge commit is a bit tricky
20:51k88hudsonMardak: yeah i can't really think of anything other than searching
17 May 2017
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