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16 Feb 2017
14:10ursulaMardak: we can read them directly from package.json using simple prefs but i thought that since experimentprovider was already using a pref service i would just use that one instead of adding simple prefs
14:20ursulaok updated the patch and filed the shield ticket. we can find a better place for the default prefs maybe when we do the patch for the shield ticket?
16:25dmoseursula: sure. the typical way to do it is just creating a flat file.
16:42dmosecan someone forward me the onboarding email?
16:42dmosei can't seem to find it
16:42ursulathe one from mhoye?
16:42dmoseno, the one from peter d
16:42dmoseabout mverdi's new onboarding experience for the brtowser
16:43ursulahrm can't find it either
16:44dmosetspurway: can you forward the email with the link to the new onboarding experience stuff?
18:46Mardakursula: for url bar hiding, is it exact matches or prefix matching? we use #HOME for about:home replacement
18:47ursulathe patch does an exact match and doesn't include the home part
18:47ursulai can add it to it's a prefix match tho if that makes more sense
18:47ursuladid you see the patch on reviewboard?
18:50ursulashould i change it to prefix match?
18:50Mardakif it's already doing exact matches, simplest might just be adding a second url to check for
18:52ursulasure thing, will add it
21:07ursulak88hudson: since this is closed now and it was the last 10n ticket, can i close the meta bug for it?
21:41dmoseursula: about that url bar hiding, i believe we want to make sure that it'll still work for an add-on version of activity stream, since we'll need one of those in order have a dev channel so that we can get enough testing on the appropriate channels of firefox in order to use the go faster approach for quick releases
21:42dmoseursula: ah, now that i look more closely it mconley's comment, it looks like it should support that
21:42dmoseso never mind, i think :-)
21:42ursuladmose: yep! i think it'll still work with the addon version
21:42ursulabut eventually we'll want to not do the addon version way
21:43dmoseursula: what do you mean?
21:43dmoseursula: delete the current add-on code path and only depend on the codepath that you'll be landing in firefox?
21:44dmosemakes sense, as long as we wait for that new codepath to be on the release channel before removing the old one
21:44ursulayep for sure
21:45dmoseursula: any luck getting push-to-try working?
21:45ursulaso yeah it built just fine on try but for some reason it's failing waaaaaaay more tests than before :|
21:45dmosethat's odd
21:45dmoseany pattern in the new failures?
21:46ursulahaven't looked too in depth yet
21:47dmosewow, yeah, that's a lot
21:49Mardakursula: at least looking at the Talos failures, it's red from telemetry pings
22:05ursulabut the telemetry pref should be off
22:11dmosenewtab sends some pings too
22:11dmoseand they may somehow still be live
22:11dmoseeither before AS gets activated, or even during
22:11dmoseparticularly since on slow machines it seems to take multiple seconds before opening a new tab will trigger AS rather than newtab
22:12dmoseand, hey:
22:14ursulaoooh! so it's not just us
23:56dmoseheh, good times
23:56dmosemy hg access was turned off because i hadn't used it in several months
23:56* dmose has filed a ticket
17 Feb 2017
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