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14 Jul 2017
13:44k88hudsonHey everyone I'm out sick today, going to head to the doctor and get some extra rest
13:45k88hudsonFeel free to IRC/slack me if you need something though
13:52* andreio is in a love hate relationship with the 100% coverage for system addon
13:52andreiobut mostly <3 now because I got it to pass
14:16ursuladmose: Mardak i&#39;ve only seen this once: but we should keep our eye out on this one
15:25dmoseursula: doh! we should probably file and try running it with --repeat 100 or something to see if we can repro.
15:25dmosemmm, windows 8
15:28* dmose swears at test-merges.js getting stuck when run on pine pushes
15:46dmoseursula: filed
17:29dmosemmmm, complicated infrastructure
18:17dmoselovely, making my own build even with the artifacts of the existing build makes the onboarding thiing non-reproducible again
18:17ursuladmose: sounds like you&#39;re having a good time
18:18dmoseoh, it&#39;s a joy
18:18dmoseursula: how&#39;s valgrind?
18:22ursulaso far, it&#39;s not even a thing yet... nan and i are trying to set up a working linux environment so we can even run the test to begin with
18:24ursulai know
18:24ursulagood times all around today
18:31nanjwhew, got windows build working here, things get really complicated on windows
18:31Mardakalmost 100 try pushes later.. looks like we can resolve the linux32 opt sessionstore crash now
18:32dmoseMardak: yeah?
18:32Mardakmikedeboer r+ed a patch that just turned off the whole directory
18:33dmosefun times
18:33Mardaki was doing the try pushes to try to narrow down the list of things to skip
18:33Mardakbut it&#39;s a neat twist on the bisecting interview problem of finding a single bad item out of 100 items if you can test a set of items for badness but only 10 times
18:33dmosei didn&#39;t know about the non-e10s ness of the failures nor that non-e10s tests are within weeks of going away entirely
18:35as-github-botAdamHillier: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
18:35as-github-botursula: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
18:36Mardaki suppose one way to frame this test &quot;bisecting&quot; problem as a similar question.. given 150 items that have varying levels of poison, you can test a set of items to determine if there&#39;s too much poison. find the largest set of non-poisonous items
18:36Mardakbonus points for minimizing number of tests. and minimizing time if each test takes 20 minutes to return results and 1 minute to start the test :p
18:37Mardakwhere the interesting twist is that just because two sets are both not-poisonous doesn&#39;t mean the combined set is not poisonous
15 Jul 2017
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