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14 Feb 2017
15:56ursuladmose Mardak k88hudson i wrote a patch which disables experiments with a pref, added metadata endpoint and the telemetry endpoint to localhost, added the test pilot update link to localhost, and doesn't initialize the share provider and yet we still get a non-local network connection attempt to failure in browser/base/content/test/social/*
15:56ursulawhat else could be making a network connection??
16:05dmoseursula: could be that the rendering actually reaches out to for the favicon
16:05dmoseit did at one time
16:05dmoseSiteIcon.js might be informative
16:05ursulaoh wait!! i'm on to something
16:05ursulagive me a min
16:05dmoseno! no minutes!
16:35ursuladmose: but why is it reaching out to at all?
16:36dmoseursula: if it's running a test using a thing as a topsite or highlight?
16:36dmosei'm just guessing here
16:36ursulaif the social tests are making actual visits to places, then perhaps
16:37* ursula looks at what the social tests are even doing
16:37dmoseso hmm
16:37dmosemaybe this isn't even our bug
16:37ursulawait a minute
16:38ursulait's possible this test is making a places change to
16:38ursulaand we pick up on that places change
16:39dmoseooh, that'd be exciting
16:39dmoseit would also be interesting to see if this is a problem on a pristine copy of mozilla-central
16:40ursulaso, we open up a tab at the url
16:40ursulaactivity stream's feeds kick in
16:40dmosehah, fun
16:41dmosei wonder what the right fix for that is
16:43k88hudsonHm. What if we just disable metadata extraction
16:43dmosewe could somehow neuter the feeds until we explicitly allow them to start listening at the beginning of our tests
16:44dmosewe could also set up fake metadata in http://mochitest.local/ for all sites, i suppose
16:56ursulaare we blocking out from showing in top sites? i can't get it to show up
17:01ursulathe metadata for gets saves in metadatastore but doesn't show up in top sites
17:04dmosei wonder how many clicks a site needs to have before it overrides the default topsites
17:38Mardakk88hudson: from the discussion on firefox-dev, sounds like we'll want to replace sdk sooner than later. and similarly avoiding some talos regressions
17:48k88hudsonMardak: well, i guess we expected it. although :(
18:08jkerimursula nanj if one of you is free can we release 1.4.1?
18:08jkerimi dont have aws creds
18:17nanjjkerim: sure, i'll take care of it
18:17jkerimnanj: awesome thank you!
18:18nanjnp, deploying now
18:31nanjjkerim: done. it should also be available on Testpilot shortly
18:32as-github-botursula: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
19:04ursuladmose: Mardak try build that might fix a bunch of tests
19:04ursulabasically previewprovider's "computeImageSize" was making network requests
19:04ursulaso k88hudson and i just changed it so it resolves on nothing
19:04ursulaand we disabled share
19:05ursulawhich was causing more failures in browser/base/content/test/social.
19:05ursulaso we'll see
19:08ursulaoops it failed to build will try again
19:44as-github-botdmose: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
19:47ursuladmose: if i do .bin/prepare-mochitest-env in activity stream repo and then switch over to my mozilla-central repo and do a ./mach build, it doesn't build
19:47ursulaany idea why that's happening?
19:47ursulait adds all the files in browser/extentions/activity-streams just fine
19:52ursulaand when i do a ./mach build then all the files is browser/extensions/activity-stream/addon disappear :|
20:06jkerimnanj: amazing thank you!
21:01ursulaoh figured it out
21:21dmoseursula: what was it?
21:22as-github-botncloudioj: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
21:22ursuladmose: nvm i thought it had it but it's still not working
21:23dmoseursula: i can pair on it if you want
21:23ursulayeah that would be super helpful
21:23ursulai'll grab a room
21:23dmoseursula: ok, meet in my Vidyo room?
21:24ursuladmose: yup
21:51jkerimdoes anybody know how i can set a breakpoint for the firefox debugger from within my source code?
21:51jkerimim to debug a test using the debugger but the tests start and finish too quickly for me to go in and pause it or set a breakpoint by hand
21:51jkerimdmose Mardak ursula k88hudson ?
21:53dmosejkerim: add the statement
21:53ursuladebugger; should work
21:56jkerimawesome thnx!
15 Feb 2017
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