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13 Jul 2017
14:44mconleyMardak: that's such an unsatisfying conclusion to that crasher bug
15:15k88hudsonok let's land before it goes red again
16:24Mardakmconley: we probably can't use the loaner for the lin32 opt crash sessionstore/browser_windowRestore_perwindowpb? it's a 64bit for talos opt yeah?
16:24mconleyMardak: it is, yes
16:24mconleyI'm actually surprised we care about Lin32 still
16:24mconleyIs that tier 1?
16:25Mardaki believe there's some documentation that it's not supported at least for developing, but it's still running automation
17:43Mardakdmose: did you get some stack printf working? might need it to figure out what timer is blocking
18:05dmoseMardak: no, i saw your messages and closed the issue
18:06dmoseMardak: i still suspect nsTraceRefCount is a reasonable place to start
18:14dmoseemtwo: are you up for chatting about dashboards (and in particular the hero element one) a bit at some point?
18:14emtwodmose: yea sure
18:14dmosewhen's a good time?
18:18emtwodmose: whatever is free on my calendar is good
18:18emtwodmose: I suppose I prefer tomorrow if we're not in a super rush
18:18emtwobut today is fine too
18:21dmoseemtwo: ok, invite sent. i think today is a bit better just because there's a bunch of dashboard related stuff in this iteration, and i want to get stuff sorted/figured earlier rather than later, especially since we're going to want more folks involved in the next very small number of days
18:21emtwook no problem!
19:07ursulak88hudson: i commented out most of the test and just made it open and close a tab and now it leaks 4 about:newtab windows
19:08k88hudsonursula: oh good
19:08ursulaplan b: i'll disable the test altogether and see what happens
19:45dmoseemtwo: your room?
19:45emtwodmose: sure
20:11ursuladmose: Mardak k88hudson is this new?
20:11ursuladoesn't look good on our latest push
20:12dmoseursula: yes. i was wondering about that. i have two guesses
20:12dmose1) something changed in places or something else we depend on that automagically pulls in the anotation service at startup
20:13dmose2) maybe mozilla-central just adjusted the whitelist/blacklist in that file in somewhat
20:15ursuladmose: most recent change was for RecentWindow.jsm
21:06as-github-botemtwo: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
14 Jul 2017
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