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13 Feb 2017
17:49nchapmandmose: what's the question about about:home?
17:58ursula^ we can chat about it in the product meeting
18:05dmoseRunning a little bit behind; be there in about 10 minutes
18:07nanjursula: jkerim: just found another weird value
18:12nanjand the "event":"countMetadataURLs"
18:29ursula keyboard events of the drop down searchbox in about:newtab
18:33amleeRestore Session Button -
19:42nanjtspurway: this is the patch that fixes the issue found in stage
19:46nanjtspurway: ty! deploying to stage now
19:49Mardakursula, dmose, k88hudson:
19:51Mardakursula, dmose, k88hudson:
19:53nanjjkerim: bug was filed here
19:54nanji've confirmed with ursula that the floating point value issue should not be in prod
19:55nanjit only happened once on Jan. 5th in stage, we no longer used the ratio since then
19:59floddoes the MVP label mean that an issue needs to be fixed before it ships in Firefox?
20:00dmoseflod: yes
20:00flodgreat :-)
20:00flodwhile the localized version works pretty fine, I confess that I'm really struggling with it (lack of focus on search bar when you open a new tab is killing me)
20:00flod(found an issue marked as MVP, hence the question)
20:08dmoseflod: yeah, that's definitely part of the a11y work
20:12jkerimdmose Mardak ursula k88hudson r1cky when i run my activity stream test suite locally on master i have two failing tests, one for places provider syncing and one for tab tracker, they both say they timeout
20:13jkerimis this expected?
20:15as-github-botursula: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
20:16dmosejkerim: we're speculating that those are racey
20:16dmoseand tabtracker is pretty racey itself
20:17jkerimso youve seen them fail too?
20:17dmosejkerim: ursula and k88 have
20:18jkerimokey doke thnx dmose
20:19dmosethe speculation is also that these are more likely bugs in the tests themselves, rather than the code under test
20:27r1ckyjkerim: i just ran the tests and got a bunch of timeouts too
20:32dmoseMardak: you might want to ask Osmose which particular talos tests made them decide to bail out on the SDK
20:32Mardakk88hudson: if you aren't on firefox-dev list, probably should get added
20:32dmoseMardak: (shield, that is)
20:32Mardakdmose: nod. sounds good
20:32dmoseif he doesn't know, he would know who does
20:33MardakRyanVM asking about switching activity stream to WebExtensions
20:34k88hudsonMardak: thanks
21:00as-github-botjkerim: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
21:03as-github-botjkerim: Hey! Someone just assigned you a PR for review:
14 Feb 2017
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