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11 Oct 2017
14:22ursulaMardak: i'm requesting uplift for the background page thumbs fix now, but i can't seem to reproduce the bug with or without the patch applied
14:22ursulaso i can't *really* verify it in nightly
15:09Mardakursula: can ni? reporter although you should be able to manually check by calling captureIfMissing over 100 times and looking at about:memory
15:22Mardakursula: oh it hasn't made it to nightly yet
15:23ursulaoh i guess mc doesn't count as nightly right
15:25ursulai was testing in mc tho, and still no luck
15:27streaminatorandreio: Hey, your patch was approved!
15:37Mardakursula: eh. good enough, request approval ;)
15:53ursulaMardak: oh you got it!! nice
15:53ursulai tried doing that too but didn't have any luck :(
16:31bsilverbergMeeting notes for newTabSection API:
17:46bsilverbergk88hudson: Although we're looking at landing an API to interact with Activity Stream, AS itself will remain a system add-on, correct?
17:52ursulabsilverberg: that's right
17:54bsilverbergThanks ursula
18:36nanjdmose: sorry, i just dropped offline
18:36dmosenanj: heh, no worries
18:36dmoseit's not important
18:38nanjdmose: cool, let me know if you want to discuss about that patch
18:38dmoseok, will do
18:42Mardakdid everyone leave k88's room?
18:42ursulaMardak: yeah she had another meeting
18:42Mardakdesign says to show the placeholders
18:42Mardaki provided a video on slack if people want to see
18:42Mardaki opened up 10 tabs with 6 different configurations
18:42ursulaplaceholders and no fade?
18:42Mardak"no hide" is the last one
18:43Mardakursula: yeah. "no hide" = yes placeholders, no fade (last video segment). preferable over "no fade no delay" (2nd last video segment)
18:44Mardaka rough initial count shows 300ms for tiles to finish loading vs 300ms for placeholders to appear and another 300ms for content to show up
18:45ursulaand the placeholders come up in the pre-rendered version right?
19:02nanjdmose: tspurway: meeting time for exp-services
19:02Mardakk88hudson: here's removing the hiding that we'll need to backport to activity stream (and maybe remove the logic the body-wrapper stuff ? )
19:05dmoseMardak: i have a couple of other ideas of things we can try too, i'll put them in here after my next week
19:05dmose(in addition, potentially)
19:20k88hudsonMardak: sorry i'm still in meetings
19:20k88hudsonMardak: but yeah that's right
19:24k88hudsonMardak: do we want to remove the hiding of placeholders altogether though? or just the transition
19:26Mardakk88hudson: design says show placeholders
19:32k88hudsonMardak: alright cool, let me just do some testing to makes sure there isn't too much shifting
19:32k88hudsonor not shifting but like
19:33k88hudsonthings being different
19:35dmosek88hudson: Mardak: ursula: mconley is available, join us in "Engagement Services" Vidyo if you can
19:36nanj~"experiment-services" room
21:52streaminatork88hudson: Hey! Someone requested a review:
22:55streaminatorandreio: Hey! Someone requested a review:
23:22streaminatorMardak: Hey, your patch was approved!
12 Oct 2017
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